2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Got'er Done

What a fantastic day! Every time we turned around another group reported they were DONE with their project.

The Cornelius group (Kevin, Stu, Angel, McKenzie, Derek P., and Jacob) finished installing carpet. They put a door and roof on the shed. They were the last group back to the compound, but they DID finish their job.

Linda's group (Linda, Ryan, Elizabeth, and Maggie) emptied the remainder of the bags, sorted through everything and put them into containers for Sacred Heart Southern Missions, created two gift bags of items we'd brought for the Cornelius' family and Ms. Washington's family, and took items to the Thrift Store to sort items into piles for distribution.

Janet's group (Janet and Catherine) cleaned the girls' and boys' buildings. Catherine scrubbed toilets and sinks, vacuumed, organized, dusted, and joined the group that went to the Thrift Store.

Dave's group (Dave, Carolyn, Derek B., Joey, Abby, Shelby, Andrew) started by cleaning the back patio area. They cleaned up dead leaves, dug out an overgrown bush, scrubbed tables, trimmed trees, and did any type of outdoor clean-up or organization needed. They then painted eight sheds in the Dehon Village area of Walls

We had a very nice Memorial Mass for Steve Shea tonight. It helped to make us feel a part of Gehlen Catholic School, who had their service at 9 this morning.

We surprised Fr. Ries at tonight's junta by each of us telling him something we appreciated about him. Then we presented him with a plaque we'd all signed. Though it was obvious he was quite touched, he responded in typical Fr. Ries fashion - with plenty of good humor.

Tomorrow we'll meet Ms. Washington and present her with a gift bag of goods. We'll also pose together as a group in front of the finished home.

After that it's off to the Garden Cafe in Holly Springs to peel potatoes and bake banana bread. We'll be serving clients our sloppy joes, mashed potatoes, green beans and banana bread, and doing a little singing for them. We'll clean up before heading to the Holy Thursday 'Washing of the Feet' Mass in Holly Springs. We'll end the day with a tour of a Southern Plantation home by the current owners.

Upon our return to Walls, we'll prepare for the arrival of the Heelan team, if they have not yet arrived. We hope to have time to give them a few tips for their mission trip and wish them luck.

No pics tonight. I plan to blog from the Garden Cafe and include some photos of the final day. Some last notes from you to read to the group tomorrow would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to those of you who have been sending comments. We wrap up every junta by reading the previous night's blog and every comment you send. Tomorrow will be our last chance to do that.

I'll be wrapping up our mission trip blog tomorrow. Tune in for the wrap-up.

Missioner notes -

For everyone else…miss you and can’t wait to see everybody Friday…everybody better be there to welcome me home. J I told you not to touch my room, Dad. Well, bye, love you, miss you, and see you soon.

Hey everybody, it’s Shelby. I made it back safely to Mississippi and got back to work right away. Last night I helped put some screws into the picnic tables to leave my mark on them. It was a long and tiring day, but I was very happy to be back. Today we woke up to beautiful weather, which allowed us to get a lot accomplished. My group helped clean up around the compound and finished painting the sheds that another group worked on last week. Now that the weather is finally nice, we have enjoyed being outside around the bonfire. Mom, please order me a short sleeve t-shirt and a crew neck sweatshirt. Hope everything is well back in Le Mars. Bye.

Hello Dickman Family! Hope everything is going well in Le Mars. Maggie and I have been very busy, as demonstrated by the blog. Having a great time with Fr. Reis, all the chaperones and the GREAT young adults. I find myself impressed everyday by their zeal and great work ethic. The parents not able to be a part of this have a lot to be proud of. Hate to see the end of the mission but looking forward to reuniting Donna, Drew and Abbie. Love you all…


  1. Hello group - sounds like you had a extremely busy day. I am glad you are wrapping up all the projects you started. Ryan & Elizabeth - sorry to say that I did not finish the family room & kitchen (dad got a little behind on his projects so that put me behind)That's okay though - I promise it will be done before you graduate. The weather here is great - finally. Well it is very late & I need to head for bed. Counting the hours till you get home. Good luck with the rest of your projects.

  2. MicKie, miss you too. Glad that your learning so much about painting and yard work. You will be a pro just in time for spring cleaning back home. See you soon.
    Love, Mom
    P.S. I think Diny misses you too. She keeps trying to sleep with Mom and you know how much Dad loves Diny.......

  3. Hey everyone, it's been awesome hearing and seeing your previous days accomplishments. Great job. Please have a safe and fun trip home. We just need to know what time your getting back to Lemars. Hey Mickie did you know you have green carpet in your bedroom. Love Dad.

  4. Wow sounds like you got a lot of work done. Cannot wait to see you on Friday. Take care. Mom

  5. Congrats on a job well done. Emily and I are proud of the work everyone has done down in Mississippi. Can't wait to see you.
    Catherine you will be happy to hear the Mic got the steel up on the walls in the shed and now he is working on the outside. It just might be done in time for graduation. See you tomorrow.
    Love Mom

  6. Hi everyone. I figured since it was the last day of writing you guys I would. Im glad you did something for mr. shea. It was a really tough day at school yesterday. The school will be attending his funeral on Tuesday and we are doing that instead of the Easter mass so if I asked you to read or write something that wont be necessary anymore. Thanks anyway :) Also choir will be singing When I survey the wonderous cross just so you get a heads up because we wont be able to practice! I hope everyone has a safe trip home tomorrow!

  7. Hello everybody. We're very proud of all that you've accomplished in Mississippi. We're sure that God is smiling down on your service to "the least of your brothers and sisters."
    Derek- We're so excited to see you tomorrow! We all miss you so much.

  8. Hey Joey, I am very proud of you. I'm so glad you could make an impact in people's lives in Mississippi. I am glad you are having a lot of fun. Hopefully you still miss me and didn't find a new girlfriend. Jk LOL I can't wait till you get home. Miss you a bunch Love you, Danielle

  9. Hi Jacob and Missioners~
    Just a quick note before getting ready for Mass and while Emma is napping:)
    I am very proud of your acomplishments and to say that I know that group of kids and adults that made a difference in Mississippi. Way to go!
    I pray for a safe return trip home for all. God Bless you, and Keep you all safe.
    The Begnoches~
    Perfect timing --Emma just woke up:)
    We can't wait to see you towmorrow.
    P.S. Jacob, Madeline wants to know why you are not blogging???

  10. Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Mr. Seivert said it all in his last blog. So proud of you. Love, Mom

  11. What a wondrous service and journey that you have all experienced. Safe travels. God bless.