2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Civil Rights and the Blues

Our free day began with Palm Sunday Mass at Christ the King Church in Horn Lake, MS. Fr. Ries concelebrated with Fr. Gene, who welcomed us all to their church. The procession began in the back of church with palm waving and Hosannas all the way back to our pews. After church we posed for a group photo in front of the altar and were given a tour of the ten-year-old church.

The drive to Memphis took approximately twenty-five minutes. We braved the wind to walk around outdoors and visit a few historical sites before entering the National Civil Rights Museum. Our first stop was the site of Martin Luther King's Assassination - the Lorraine Hotel. The kids were amazed at the information they learned at the Civil Rights Museum.

Our next stop was Beale Street - home of the Blues. Since it was soooo cold today, we opted for a trolley ride to Beale Street. We ate lunch/supper at BB King's Restaurant while listening to live music. Most of us ate some delicious barbeque. Then we spent an hour shopping before heading to our vehicles. We took a circuitous route to drive past Graceland, Elvis's home.

Everyone is anxious to get back to work tomorrow. We hope the weather cooperates. I think our goal is to finish every job we've been assigned, and perhaps a bit more.

Message to my Web Design Class: There'd better not be any cookie crumbs in those keyboards!!! Mrs. Schroeder, you are WAY too nice. I sure hope you are all working diligently.

Our juntas seem to be lasting longer and longer as we grow more comfortable with each other. Tonight we also had a sing-along as we drank our hot chocolate. Our hope is to entertain the people at the Garden Cafe (soup kitchen) when we serve and eat with them on Thursday night.


  1. Derekx2 did you earn your supper last night by playing rhythm at the restaurant? The ground is white again this morning. First golf meet is one week from today. Do you have any green golf balls? You may need them. Work hard. Pray hard. love and prayers from Iowa, The Bretey's

  2. Not to worry, Mrs. B--we ate the cookies at the desk. And if you think it's cold there, you should be here. We have SNOW-not rain and the wind is bitter cold.
    Ryan, Ashley says "Hi". Fabio, Have a good trip home. Shelby, we are thinking of you and your family.
    Think of us as we are working very hard on our projects -at least for most of the classtime.
    til tomorrow---the web design class

  3. Hi Derek. I had to sign us up for prom because its due before break..not the money just the sign up. You can add like your name or nickname on the back of the prom tshirt. What would you like? Also any other of you missioners need to be signed up and want any specific name? It doesn't cost extra and ill do that for you! But the sooner you tell me the better Wednesday is my last day to arrange things for you. It snowed her this morning and was icy and now its all melted. #iowaprobs Maggie, you are scheduled to work Saturday and sunday after you get back...JUST KIDDING :)Did I freak you out? :) Glad you all are having fun!

  4. Andrew here is The Office quote of the day, I thought you might appreciate it because...Kevin...and eating:
    Oscar: You really have to say, "Oh, yeah" every time you eat a candy bar?
    Kevin: I can't help it, Oscar. It's just really good. Oh, yeah.

  5. Hey Joey, your mom wanted me to tell you that she misses you A LOT. Its also way to quite with you gone. She can't wait to see you smile and give you a big hug. She loves you.