2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Home Makeover

It's been a busy day and it's not over yet. The abbreviated version is this - We worked on Ms. Washington's home and finished the picnic tables. I picked up Shelby at the airport. We had grilled burgers and brats for supper - quite late. It's 8:54 p. m. at the moment, and we are just cleaning up from supper. In a few short minutes we're having mass in the chapel, and then we still need to have 'junta.' I am going to upload the photos now so you can see our productive day. I'll try to blog more after we've finished everything else.


  1. Looks like you had a
    busy day today. Hope Fabio had a safe trip. Shelby-glad you had a good flight. Thanks so much to Carolyn :-)

  2. Hi to all the missioners! It sounds like you are all working really hard and getting a lot accomplished! We think you are lucky to have Janet cooking for you! We know she is a great cook! We wonder if she could get that fish pizza recipe to bring home. :) We are happy that you are having a great experience and we'll be anxious to hear about it when you get back. We'll keep praying for you! God bless! Jim and Mary Klein

  3. Awesome work everyone your kicking butt and setting the bar high in Mississippi. The picnic table and stairs look very professional. Mickie your bedroom is impossible to clean, but Rylie is helping by taking all her clothes back. We miss you and looking forward to the return on Friday.

  4. Hey Classmates, The school is making t-shirts in honor of Mr. Shea. They will only be $10. Comment if you want one and what size. The back will say stuff he use to always say like scrambled eggs and iceberg.

    1. Danielle - I am sure Shelby will place an order. I would also like an adult medium for Megan. Thx

  5. Looks like you guys really accomplished alot yesterday. Hope everyone you helped down there really apprectiated it. Supposed to be 57 on Friday and middle 50's over the weekend. Looking forward to your return.

  6. Hello again! Hope everything is going good down there. Today has been a rough day for everyone here in school :( So far its going pretty decent though! We just got done having an Easter Egg Hunt in Mrs. Bickford's class room. SchroDog was nice and bought the eggs which she filled with candy!
    This will be the last time that our class will be writing to you guys :( Yeah I know you are probably all crying cause you can't hear from us everyday!
    Hope you finish the last few days out on a strong note and get all your projects done. The people down there will be very grateful of all the work you guys did!
    Well can't wait to see all of you guys when you get back on Friday!
    Love the Web Design Class
    Kersey, Merrissa, Alli, Trisha, SchroDog

  7. Blessings to you all this Holy Week. Derek, we miss you and think you might want to get home soon as Sally has been in your room planning her room colors and designs for when you leave for college. Safe travels back home and God Bless.
    Dad, Mom, Sally, Claudia, and Maria

  8. Hi Jacob~
    Sounds like you got lots done! You guys and gals are awesome!
    Today was a quiet day for the most part. Dad went back to work today-- where did that week go? Sarah Emma and I ventured out for the first time by our selves (David's Class Last Supper Play) . I only left about 7 minutes past the time I originally wanted to leave and I did not forget anything or one :)
    Hope you are getting some sleep. I know by looking at the photos that you are working hard. Looks like a different house after you were finished with it.
    Joe will be back on Friday for the weekend and you will be back too, we will have a full house again. Just as it is meant to be.
    We love you and miss you lots!
    Mom, Dad, Chris ,Madeline, David, Sarah and Emma

  9. For girls golf team - Mrs. Neary sent home an order form due Friday for golf shirts with choices of short or long sleeve t shirts or crewneck sweats