2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Again, we were off to a good start this morning. Eggs and ham for breakfast, though I believe many of them supplement that with peanut butter and jelly. Then everyone slathered on the sunscreen before loading the military truck and the MHL pickup for transport to the work site. Pat still feels we are a little behind, but hopes to be caught up by the end of the afternoon.

There was activity on all three houses. Before lunch: The lowest house had missioners painting the inside, touching up the paint on the outside, windows being cut into two walls, and the tin going on for the roof. The middle house had painting going on outside, and then later they began on the inside. Windows were being cut into the walls. The upper house had painting being finished on the outside and the two inside walls being installed.

After lunch: The lowest house only had touch-up painting going on and the tin roof totally installed. The windows are finished and doors are being hung. Dennis is also working on the wiring in all the houses. The middle house has most of the tin roof in place. Missioners are finishing the inside painting, and the doors are being worked on. The upper houses has the tin roof installed, all walls are up and inside painting has begun. There is touch-up painting being done at all houses.

We did have a little break during lunch. Today the sun is shining, but there are lots of clouds to help with the heat. It makes a big difference here. The temperature feels like it drops 20-25 degrees when the sun goes down. I think the sun seems a lot hotter here. And even though the missioners put on plenty of sunscreen, you can still tell they’ve been in the sun.

The missioners are proud of what they are accomplishing and doing their best to meet Pat’s deadlines. So, what is left to do next week? The doors must be painted. If the doors don’t get installed today, that will have to happen first. Doorknobs and locks have to be installed on the doors. The wiring has to be completed in all the houses. We still need to build 10 bunk beds and 2 picnic tables. The wall mural for this team must be drawn and colored on the wall of the school. We still need to do one more round of gift bag deliveries (5 families). Inventory will need to be taken so we’ll know which supplies are required for next year. Missioners will start sorting their clothes and supplies to decide what to leave behind. Some of them will most likely give some of their items to their special friends here. And I’m hoping they’ll get some time to play soccer with the students during the school day. That is much easier to accomplish when they’re working on projects inside the compound.

Tomorrow we’re attending Mass at the Basilica de Suyapa. Our Lady of Suyapa is the patroness of Honduras, kind of like Guadalupe for Mexico. I suggest you Google her to find out about her. We’ll then travel to Santa Lucia for lunch at “the oasis.” That’s not really what it is. In actuality, it is Marta’s brother’s place. He has some acres of land where he has all kinds of trees and foliage, hammocks, some fruit trees, water fountain, and paths that run through the grounds so people can hike the grounds. It will be a nice break for all the missioners. Some will hike, some will rest in the shade, while others will group for visiting. It’s like an oasis in the desert, hence the name I’ve given it. We’ll eat lunch at “the oasis” before traveling to Valle de Angeles (Valley of the Angels) for our shopping/tourist day. This team definitely deserves their day off after all the work they’ve done and are continuing to do. I expect to see plenty of high fives from you for them at the airport on Wednesday night, as well as plenty of applause. I’ve received lots of compliments from chaperones and Hondurans alike as to their work ethic, friendliness, courtesy, and thoughtfulness. It’s quite apparent that they love carrying out their mission!

Delanee post-braid removal

Keith & Carlyn work together

The guys make sure it's level

The painters quickly cover the inside walls

Making sure all boards are covered

Enjoying the ride in the military transport truck

Lots of Honduran helpers

Fr. Matt works on the door

Lots of hands make the tin go on faster and easier

James takes a rest with some friends

Lucas & Chris make a door delivery

Matyas & Jared set the hinges into the door frame

Joe gives directions

The roofing team poses with their sign

Mason & Daniel have extra help

Chris and Brooke give a hand with the tin

Kathryn gets a hug from a Honduran friend

Walking from the work site to the compound

Addison does her laundry in the pila

Delanee Nilles - Hello everyone! I want to let you know that this trip is more than I could have ever expected. I love it here, and I’m sorry Derek, but I might never come home. I miss you, Mom, Dad, Derek, Grandma and Noah! But more than anything, I MISS LILY!!!!!Mom- I wanted to let you know that I am eating everything given to me. The food here is amazing! I love hearing from you on the blog. I also wanted to let you know that I may or may not be bringing three more siblings home with me (lol). I now have a sister named Kimberly and another sister named Lexi, and also a new brother named Nelson! I love you all and am very happy you are keeping up with all my work here! Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers! (also s/o Xavier, the best streak keeper and another s/o to English 4 and Accounting I - miss you all!!)

Kayla Mayer - Mom and Dad, I would say keep me updated on how my bracket is doing, but I already know that it’s busted. L I love and miss you both. Hug Kylee for me, even though she’s completely abandoned me at bed time. Also, don’t worry. I haven’t gotten sunburned, am staying hydrated, and eating everything I’m given (which shouldn’t be surprising). Sara, thanks for keeping my streaks. Glad to know they’re doing okay. Love you and can’t wait to fill you in when I get back. Katelyn, thanks for filling us in on track and giving us the good news about the Snickers. Tell my hurdle girls hi and that I’m excited to get back on the track with you guys. Everyone, I love and miss you and am excited to see what the rest of the trip has in store!

Kathryn Ripley - Hello all! I am really loving it here in Honduras and experiencing so many new things. I can’t wait to come back and tell stories. Mom and Dad, I miss you guys a lot! I love hearing from you every day. I just want to let you know that I did hammer my finger, but it’s all good! I’m fine! To all my sisters, I really want to hear from you all. I’m missing you guys a little extra now. Kara, hi and say hello to Julius and Alex. Katrina, say hi to Peter and your Clinician Nexus team (free advertising lol J). And Kaleigh, how did I know that you’d become the boss of the house when I’m gone…. ;) I love you all and miss you!

Jordan and Steve Larson - HOLA!!! Sorry I had to, we, I mean, I have been speaking a lot of Spanish and had to start it off that way. I am having a blast here in Honduras and am not ready to come home. Mom- Yes I can work without my phone. I do not need it all the time. I hope the girls are not giving you too much trouble. Dad says he loves you, but he is a little busy right now so I am passing along his message. Kevin and Lynn- Thank you for the messages. They mean a lot to Dad and me while we listen to them during our junta meetings. I hope everything is good for you guys up there. Uncle Kevin, I cannot wait to exchange stories with you when we get home. I am super excited to hear about your hiking trip!!! Dad is having a blast and is actually doing work…for once lol. I know you two like to joke around with each other about that all of the time. Thank you all for your prayers!! They are greatly appreciated! Dad and I are having so much fun and have so many stories for all of you when we return. We love you all and cannot wait to see you once we return!!

Rebecca Johnson- Hi everyone! I miss you all so much, but I’m having fun. I’m doing well, and I’m sure Mom will be proud because I haven’t gotten burnt yet. I hope Beau is enjoying his week without me, and Brittany is keeping my streaks! I really hope Ethan is doing okay. I wish I could’ve watched his concert. I miss that kid so much! Hi Wyatt! I miss you too, and I can’t wait to see you and Britt in the play. I have so many stories to tell you all! I love you all, tootles!

Mason Kellen- Hi everyone back home. I miss you all so much right now, but I love it here. These kids here all love us to death and greet us in the morning by the doorway. I met a little girl named Reina that became my best friend, and I love spending as much time possible with her. All the work here is going pretty good even though we did not get the wood delivered right away. I hope Grandpa doesn’t miss me too much and is taking care of the farm and the cows for me. Give me an update on how many calves are on the ground and see you guys soon. Love you.  

Daniel Kessenich - Hey everyone! Having a blast here. Kids love to play with us every day here at school and don’t like to go home. We’ve gotten a lot accomplished, but we’ve got a lot of stuff to finish. Hope everything is going well back home. Can’t wait to see everyone again!

Eli Ellensohn - Hello everybody. I sure hope you are all entertained without me at home. I know there is probably not much work being done at the farm without me there, but I am definitely making the most of the day by participating in the very best roofing company ever assembled. I have had a lot of fun interacting with all the children here. I love and miss you all, and cannot wait to get back home.


Abbie Dickman- Hi Mom, Dad, Maggie, and Drew! I cannot put into words how much I miss you guys, but I am loving it here! The food is great and the weather is better (I am only a little sunburned J). Thank you for the blog posts. I love hearing from you! Good news, Mom, I am definitely bringing these children home with me!!!!! Tomorrow we are going shopping, and it is not going to be the same without you there with your credit card, Mom J. Katelyn- Thank you for the track updates. I CAN’T WAIT TO GET BACK TO THE TEAM! Melinda- Happy late birthday! (sorry for not writing to you sooner) Love you guys!

Brooke Woerdehoff- Hey Mom, Dad, Sam, Dallin, Austin, Tiffany, and Cara! I am having so much fun down here! Even though the weather is hot and the days are long, the kids make it all worth it. Thank you guys for writing on the blog, hearing from you makes my days even better. Tiffany, I am glad that you are enjoying my room, just as long as you aren’t messing with my stuff. Cara, I miss you so much, and I promise to watch some movies with you when I get home. Accounting class- I miss you guys so much and all the fun we have in class! I am excited to see everyone when I get home, but I also know it is going to be hard to leave this wonderful country. Love you all!

MaKenna Alesch- Hola familia! Today I had a fever, so I didn’t do much. Other than that I am having a blast and really enjoy it here. The food is amazing (especially the pineapple) so I’m not going hungry. The weather is great, and I’m only a little sunburned. (oops) Linda is being a great “mom” for me. I also think that my painting is excellent so I’m going to ask Bob for a jobJ. I miss and love you and can’t wait to see you and tell you all about it.

Lucas McCarty- Hey everybody, I’m doing fine and am proud that I didn’t even get sunburnt until today! I hope things are going well at home and hope Cole is enjoying his unlimited time on the xbox, and if Anna sees this you better not have lost our streak ;). I love and miss everybody back home, can’t wait to see you all! (Mom and Dad, just like last year an all meat pizza in Omaha would be nice;) )

 Alexa Scheitler- Hey Mom, Eric, Blake, and everyone else! I absolutely love it here. It is an experience like no other. I miss you all but also do not want to leave. The endless hugs all day from all the Honduran kids really brightens my day. The food is really good; every meal has been fantastic!! Not gonna lie though, I would pay a lot of money for a cheeseburger right now. Kody, if you see this, miss you lots and see you soon. We’ve accomplished a lot, and I can’t wait to see what the next couple days bring. Sounds like the weather here is slightly better than home- which I’m not sorry about. Tomorrow is shopping day…thank goodness Dad is with me right ;) Katelyn, I can only imagine the pictures I will see when I get home lol. Love you lots and miss you much. Hope everything is going well at home & see you all very soon.

Jordan Von Arb- Hey mom thanks for checking and commenting on the blog so much. We all appreciate it. I have only gotten a little sick, but nothing that has affected me very much. I love the experience I am having here. Love and miss you still, cya on Wednesday. Cooper, I got your message thanks for the S/O. Kenny says he remembers you and then repeated to say your name 20 times in a row. John and Alec, I doubt you two won on rules and I honestly, even all the way in Honduras, still feel bad for you. Nicole, even though you said that you weren’t going to comment, I still enjoyed it. Don’t worry! I played soccer with the kids, but we lost. I miss you very much, see ya soon. 


  1. So good to hear from you Mas! B says it's too quiet around here! The guys spent all day on the farm cleaning yards! That are 27 calves on the ground. Still waiting on blondies. Dad's losing the family bracket! You're in 4th. Will keep praying for your safety&the experience you are having! Love&miss you Mom

  2. Steve and Jordan, It was great to hear from you, and yes Jordan I had tears in my eyes.. go figure.. We are getting ready to go to church. The girls said they would miss Fr. Matt this weekend. So shout out to Fr. Matt. We love to see all the great work being done. God bless and love always, the Larsons

  3. Steve and Jordan: Good to know you are working hard. We could use some help with repairs at our house. Seriously, we are just glad you are having a good time. It's great that you are experiencing a new culture outside the U.S.
    Kevin and Lynn

  4. Sounds like this mission trip is running like clock work. As a mom, I'm wishing that the cook would burn a few things so I won't have to live up to her fantastic meals when you get home! You are learning so much while missing school; Keith and I always say, "Don't let school get in the way of your education." I'm proud of you all! Love and prayers from North America! Teri

  5. Hello. Kathryn I just wanted to let you know that we have been eating all your favorite foods and watching all your favorite movies. We are having game night tonight. It’s nice and quiet at home. I haven’t been home much anyway because of golf and play stuff. It’s been real being the only child. Have fun ! Love you-Kaleigh

    1. Hahahahahahahahahaha classic. Too good.

  6. Hi Kathryn!!!

    I'm in FL, so a little bit closer than I'd normally be. Yay for warmth! I'm so proud of you for following God's call and leaning to trust Him now. It's a lifelong journey...and the only way to live this life fully. His plans are ALWAYS better.

    I am in tears thinking about the incredible sister you are. When we all listen to God we are an encouragement to one another's walk with Him. You have encouraged me after I've been tired and weary.

    To everyone: the best perspective I've ever heard about missions is that you've been invited in to what God has already been doing. So don't be afraid and let our big ol'Papa love you and love those you serve.

    You're all in my prayers and I love you like crazy, Kathryn.

  7. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Sounds like everyone is having a terrific time and most productive with your work projects. Our school enrollment will be bigger if you all bring back your little friends!!! Have fun on your Sunday trip. Daniel, Farm Update calf born backwards Clint and Dad delivered with success. Everyone keep building seeing you all on Wednesday. Mark/Susy Kesssenich

  8. Hi Patrick

    We made it through the ice storm yesterday and now it’s all melted. Addie is no longer on a hunger strike instead she is pouting on a whole new level. I’ve been trying to buy more cereal for you, but that brand is always out, hmmm you may have to resort to a new kind…but I will keep checking.

    A note to Juan, since you are the master time keeper, you are in for a real challenge tomorrow. I wish you the best on keeping Patrick on time, as he LOVES to shop. Be careful as he may try to break you…

    Things are progressing and the pictures are great. Hope all is well and that everyone stays healthy. Patrick we miss you tons!

  9. Enjoy your day away from your projects tomorrow mission team. It will give you an opportunity to reenergize and bring it all to completion with your final few days. I thought about your mission at mass this evening during gospel. Jesus asks us to die to self in order to bear much fruit. From all the blog entries and pictures, you're heeding Jesus' instruction.
    Abbie, we sent your brother back to Ames tonight since he has to work tomorrow. He wanted to send his greetings to you, so I thought I would help. We were invited to the Begnoche's tonight to help celebrate Emma's 5th birthday. Sorry you and Chris missed the cake and ice cream.
    Keep up the good work!
    Love you. Dad and Mom

  10. Hey, Brady, you all are doing great work. I hope you're having a wonderful experience. Nice pictures!
    Uncle David

  11. (Email from Kara )

    Hi Kathryn, it looks like you all are doing a great job. Please know of my prayers for you and everyone that God gives you the strength and grace to continue what you are doing and finish well! It is really Spring here now in Vancouver. The birds are chirping and seagulls squawking, the sky is blue and the air is fresh and light. Julius and I enjoy walking during the day without heavy coats but still seeing snow on the nearby mountains. We are looking forward to you visiting us and to hearing about your time in Honduras. I am sure you will have many stories to share. Love from us all. Kara, Alex, and Julius.

    PS It was too good, Kathryn, that you were right in the middle of the siesta picture. :)

  12. Hello everyone! I can’t even imagine how much All of you will miss being in Honduras, the joy in the pictures of all of you with the kids just makes my heart smile! James I can just picture those two little boys following you around on the farm and experiencing life here, I think you all would have a blast. I’m not quite sure they would be writing home about my cooking! Tom I was wondering if you’ve run into your friend Niles this year. I have been praying for all of you every day, and offered mass for you last night. For those of you who are not feeling well I will offer extra prayers today. Miss you Tom and James, and not only is it quiet in our homes without the energy of all you, it’s quiet at school too! Thank you so much Carolyn for the updates and the awesome pictures capturing this experience and helping us experience it just to little bit here at home! Love and prayers coming your way, Laurie

  13. Hey everyone! Miss you all! The hallways are quiet without you guys at school, especially you Delanee! I hope all of you are having a great time and I hope those corn rose are staying in for you Kayla! (From Aubree)

  14. Jordan - I am not sure anyone is monitoring your game as your phone is dead on the counter. So hopefully Nicole & Derek are doing something for you I am not aware of. So thrilled you are enjoying your experience and hopefully you are too sick. Moms don't like to hear those things so far away but know you are in good hands.

    Delanee - What in the world are you going to do with your hair now?!

    All Missioners - You have touched so many over there and equally touched so many lives over here. Continued prayers for good health and blessings as you finish your work over there.

  15. MaKenna - it was so good to hear from you but I don't like to hear you have a fever! Hopefully you are feeling better today but I know you are in good hands!! Your sisters were home this weekend so the house wasn't so quiet. Caitlin had her interview Saturday and got the job so her and Kelly are officially moving back! Get ready to share your closet with her again since she will be moving home until the wedding! We will have to talk to Bob about hiring you this summer to paint.

    Linda - I stopped by your house yesterday and its still standing! Heath and Keller were there keeping Bob company (of course Jeff was right there with them!!!) . Thanks for being a good "mom" to MaKenna over there and I can't wait to hear all about the trip.

    Keep up the great work you are all doing! You are truly making a difference in the lives of so many people. Enjoy your last days there - I can't believe how fast the time is going and I'm sure it is going way faster for all of you!

  16. Well, I decided to start with some spanish words and test everyone Spanish skills.Hola amigos, Como estan? Estan disfrutando de la comida hondurenna? Espero verlos pronto en casa. Pero felices de esta obra tan maravillosa. Un fuerte abrazo para todos y un beso grande para mi esposo mua.


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  18. Hi Matyas, we believe that all things are very interesting. And we hope you are fine. From other comments we know that not only you had a fever as well. So wish all of you to recover quickly! Matyas, it seems you have learnt a lot. You are becoming more experienced in some fields than we are. Once you are back you will be able not only to help, but to share your knowledge how to do this stuff as well. We are really looking forward to hearing all the details about life in the country, about Honduras and how did you like it. It is very nice we have a chance to follow you and the group on the website and see your lives. We are very curious!
    Here is everything going well this week. Your uncle Ivan celebrated his fifthies yesterday. And for several days the winter is back in Europe, very windy as well. Wish you and all of you good stay and enjoy! Honza, Veni, Anet :-)

  19. Hi Keith and Carlyn,
    Remember to follow Grandpa Dale's advice to hit those nails like you live--hard and fast!
    Great to see you working side by side! I'm guessing, Carlyn, that you stayed close to your dad's wallet when shopping today! That was good planning on your part to bring him along! I love you both!

    To the whole team: when you get back to Iowa, we can offer you an opportunity to use your new painting skills on the fences and sheds at our acreage, preferably before graduation. What date works?

    Know of my prayers for your health and safety, especially since you didn't bring any real doctors along--just a veterinarian and a dentist. :-) I have a feeling I'm going to pay for that comment! I hope Keith and Juan are laughing!

    Fr. Matt, great to see you in civilian clothes and tools in hand. Don't make any career changes, though. We want you at the altar with sacred vessels in hand!

    I am also praying that like St. Theresa of Calcutta, you see the face of Christ in those you are serving! Mr. Marugg led morning prayer last week and as an entire school, we offered a Hail Mary for you every day.

  20. Well Caden, the Cavs beat the Bulls last night 114 to 109. Lebron had 33 points, 13 boards, and 12 assists. Green had 21 and Clarkson had 19 off the bench. Zizic also had 14. The Cavs are a half game ahead of both the Wizards and the Pacers for the 3rd seed in the East. Not too many upsets yesterday for the tourney, but 11 seed Loyola did beat Tennessee on a buzzer beater to take out the first of my 4 final four teams. Michigan survived on a buzzer beating three last night and John and I went crazy. They must be the best!
    Narb- we got 2nd twice yesterday and once again we say we hate the game even though we play it constantly.
    Chris and Eli- we really miss you guys and need to play Poker ASAP
    Miss all you guys a lot and can’t wait until you get home. Stay safe and keep chipping away on the projects!

  21. Hey Chris Hope your day is off to a great start.
    Sorry I did not get a message to you yesterday, I was busy getting things
    ready for Emma's birthday party. And it was late when everything wound down. We ended up playing 2 games of Texas Chili and there again talk about laugh. We even had Grandma and Aunt Cindy playing. They had fun! It was fun playing with 13 people.
    The T&C Begnoche family, Gma and Gpa Stinton Aunt Cindy Krissy & Karissa Stu and Donna & Jake (from Storm Lake) all came to celebrate Queen Emma! We had taverns, cheese potatoes, mac salad and chips and fruit. I made Emma a fish cake. The fish was made of a big rice krispie treat ball for the body the eyeballs lips and tail fin were as well. The tailfin fell off so Jacob 'helped' me put on a cake tail... well we know how sometimes Jacob's plans work....It fell off and it had a less than perfect looking tail fin. It looked so much better in my head:)I had very good intentions.
    I am wondering if your shopping experience in Honduras will be like any of your shopping experiences in Iowa?
    Your skins---It was cold and rainy and sleety and yucky outside. Madeline noticed that Maci was getting some of the cold rain into her igloo so she grabbed the first 'towel' she saw from the garage and ran out to put it in with Maci.
    She said that she curled right up and fell asleep in the back of her igloo. It was the 'furless' skin. The girls saw the other fur skins and thought of you so they each grabbed one and snuggled with them. Emma grabbed the stuffed squirrel, Tessah grabbed 'bandit' and Sarah grabbed the most recent one:) They miss you!
    We are guessing that you are doing well since we see you working hard in the pics.
    I thank Mrs. B for keeping us up-to-date with everyone and sending a pic or two with you in it:)
    How is it not using your technology? I am sure you are struggling. :)!
    We love and miss you very much!

    Inspirational quote for the day--
    "Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created" -unknown

    Continue to do great things! Hope everyone gets to feeling well again soon.
    Much love to you Chris!
    Can't wait to hear of your experiences!
    Mom Dad Madi David Sarah Emma Tessah Jacob Michelle & Baby

  22. Delanee - Oh my goodness! What are you going to do with that hair! I'm sure you gave everyone a big laugh. We are go proud of you and love seeing the pictures. Dad said if you can choose where you stuff goes, give your ANF shirt (well Derek's ANF shirt) and your Iowa bucket hat to the little boy you became friends with, Nelson? Also have someone take a picture of you and him with that. What a keepsake that would be. Hope you had fun shopping today, back to work tomorrow. Love and miss you! XOXO Mom, Dad and Derek.

  23. MaKenna - hope you are feeling better. Having a “day off “ today should help. We look forward to reading the blog and seeing the pictures every day - you all are doing great work there and are making memories that will last a lifetime. We are looking forward to hearing more about your experiences when you get home. Saying extra prayers and sending our love!

  24. Happy Sunday!!! Hope everyone is having a great day off!!!

    I offered my Mass for all of you today. I'm very much enjoying the blog and photos!!!
    I especially love the ones with the children!!!

    Keeping all of you in my prayers...

    Kathryn, I love and miss you!!! -Mom

  25. Happy Sunday Everyone:

    Daniel, I just got back from Charlotte, NC for the men's NCAA tournament. Creighton played Kansas State and we lost 59-69. So sad the boys didn't do that well and Marcus Foster only had like 5 points but they had a good run. I had a lot of fun down there and got to see some good basketball as well as many upsets. I think everyone has given up their brackets especially since No. 1 Virginia lost to No. 16 UMBC. Their game broke NCAA history for beating a No.1 seed team.
    Anyways I am super excited to see you this Wednesday night and hear all your stories. You are doing some amazing work down there and I love seeing you play with the little Hondurans. I bet they are having a good time trying to teach you guys some Spanish. Keep working hard and can't wait to catch up!
    Love, Hannah Kessenich

  26. Hey Eli! I hope you're doing well, I miss you so much and can't wait to hear all the stories about your trip when you return home. I'm sure you're loving all the little kids;) I miss seeing everyone at school everyday. Also happy belated birthday Carlyn!
    I miss you all! Sage

  27. Brooke, it was so good to hear from you!
    Shopping with Friends today, hmmm that sounds right up your alley!! Enjoy the day off, sounds & looks like you all deserve it!
    Sam & Dallin went to 9:30 mass with us this morning & then we all went out for lunch after, yes...without you. However you were the main topic of conversation, so you were there in spirit!!
    Austin says "Hello" but not much else. He's pretty wrapped up in the NCAA basketball games. He leaves tomorrow morning to go back to college, but he's been spoiled here for the last week so he needs to get back to normal life.
    Cara had a dance competition in Omaha yesterday & of course, she did great!
    Tiffany has a Spanish quiz tomorrow, so she is studying in your room.....I'll bet some of your new friends down there could help her out a lot!!
    Mom keeps asking, "I wonder what Brooke is doing now?" she's always smiling when she's thinking about you...... You know that she misses you a lot!
    I am ready for you to be home as well, we need to get that pitching arm in shape...season will be here soon!
    Please bring some warm weather back with you when you return, as I'm sick of winter & ready for warmth!
    Thanks again to all of you for giving of your time & talents to help those in need, you are making the world a better place!!
    Love all!!

  28. Hi Jared, I wanted you to know as I went to Mass at St. James this morning, I thought about you. I thought back to when you were in 8th grade acting out the stations of the cross. You were given the role of Simon. I see this pictures posted of all of you and how you are all working hands of God. Each and everyone of you are amazing the way you are miles away from home, sleeping in another country to help the less fortunate, trying something new, you all work together and continue each new day with a smile. Jared, I will always see the role of Simon in you as you help others. You are such a blessing and bring pride & joy to my life. I love you so much. ~Mom

  29. Just wanted to say hi to all the missioners and sure wish I could've joined you, but it looks like everything is going well. I sure would've loved to see your face, Pat, when the lumber showed up late. By the way, if Pat seems a little stressed, he loves hugs, right Pat?!
    Looks like everybody is on task and working hard and thanks to "One" (Juan)and his horn...sad I'm missing that. How is your pillow this year "One" (Juan)? I know that all you missioners are working hard because of Carolyn & Linda, I'm scared of them too! Fun aside, I hope you all take a moment to stop and take in everything around you and let it really sink in all the good you are doing, but also what you are learning from this experience. You now have a connection so amazing with the people of Honduras and not only have you made a lasting impression on them, but they on you. When you get a chance, listen to the lyrics of "5 More Minutes" by Scotty McCreery. There are many times in my life I wish I would've taken 5 more minutes. God Bless you all and your mission work. By Bruce

  30. Hi Becca, how was your shopping day? Dad went to Wyoming on a snowmobiling trip. The rest of us went to Derek's birthday party last night. Of course Ethan loved the cake. Everyone asked how you were doing and think that all of you will get a lot out of this experience. And don't worry, Brittany has only lost a few of your streaks;). We are all missing you, even Beau. Dad and I are excited to pick you up Wednesday!
    Love, Mom, Dad, Brittany, Ethan, and Beau

  31. Hi Brooke, I enjoy each day reading the blog and seeing the pictures of all of you. You are making great memories and everyone is doing great work for the less fortunate.Love and Prayers for your safety and a safe trip home to all. Brooke's grandma Diane

  32. Looks like you are all doing great things. I also am enjoying the pictures of the children. I hope you all got to relax a bit today. Krista we miss you so much, Rachelle is here filling in, as Marisa and Andrew went back to college. Caileb's team won the SD State Championship! We visited Grandma, Karla, Kevin and Sharon Saturday-they send their love. Counting down the days until Wednesday! Take care.

  33. Chris, we had pan fried steak and potatoes for supper. Although I got a larger helping than usual of one of your favorite meals, I felt bad. I miss you - Dad!

  34. Hey Chris its David hope things are going good for you. Its been quiet around the house without you. I also have no one to help me tease Madeline. I miss you.

  35. Alexa, you're half way around the world and you are still doing the dishes. Glad to see you're keeping up the good work. See you soon -Kody