2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Giving It Our Best

Sorry I'm late. Internet is sporadic here.

We got off to a great start this morning after our breakfast of French toast and fruit. Work began in earnest on the three houses. It was an extremely hot morning, so it was quite taxing for the missioners who were working on the houses. Frequent hydration breaks were enforced for all, and everyone even got a siesta after lunch.

Groups were formed for gift bag deliveries – 5 student missioners and two adults. We took 5 students from kindergarten, selected the gift bags that had been made for their families, loaded everyone plus the bags into two pickups, and drove to their houses for the deliveries. It was great fun watching the kids opening their bags. They’d dig through the bags, and when they would find something like a cool pair of shoes or a cute toy, they’d get really excited. It gave the missioners an opportunity to see what Honduran students go through to get to school, and to see the types of homes these children live in.

We did have some panic-filled moments when a bucket of batteries did not return to the tool room after today’s house construction. After a frantic return to the work site, which proved fruitless, we called Marta, who called the military, who reported they had been left inside their truck. WHEW! Everyone was much relieved.

Parents, you should be very proud of your sons and daughters. They interact with the Hondurans in a positive way. They work quite hard, but have fun with it. They are not afraid to taste some of the Honduran food they don’t normally eat. They participate in the juntas. I’ve heard not a single complaint. They always jump up to do their chores – like serving food or doing the dishes. It is a joy to be working with them. Thanks for allowing them to be here! They are realizing already just how difficult it will be to leave here next week.

Tomorrow we will continue to work on the homes. All outside walls are up, and the inside walls of two of them have also been completed. One house is totally painted on the outside. The other two are halfway painted. Tin will go onto the roofs, and the painting should also be done.

Mya, Addison, and all Mrs. Lehmann’s 1st graders. We love that you are writing to us on the blog. I read those to the group every night. I am truly proud of all of you for making your 100% in AR. I wish the Honduran children at this school had lots of books to read, like all of you do. Most of them do not have a pen or piece of paper in their homes, much less a book to read. Thanks for your prayers. I hope you will continue to pray for us as we do our mission trip, but please also pray for all the Honduran children who will go hungry tonight.

Tina Begnoche, I hope you have not destroyed Chris’s skin because I promised to send his reply on the blog last night. However, the internet was not working properly, and in frustration, I just sent what I had already written earlier in the day. Chris’s reply, “Store it in your room.” J

Thanks to all of you who are commenting on the blog. It’s fun to read them, and often enjoy your comments with a laugh. Your support is amazing!

Chris gets a hug

Eli and Caden greet  the students at noon

Nelson poses with his American friends

Painting the outside walls blue

Abbie and friend

Gift bag delivery

Daniel's buddy

Delivering Cindy's gift to Santos's family

Gift bag delivery

Climbing down the mountain to deliver a gift bag

Posing after a gift bag delivery

(Soon-to-be) Home owner Alex works with the team

The guys show off their roofing company sign

Painting with help

Working in the doorway

Matyas helps to load supplies after work

View of the work site

Taking a break

Brady and friends

Fixing a wheelchair

Traveling with friends to deliver gift bags

Delivering the gift bags

Doing the dishes


Painting outside walls


  1. Hi missioners! So good to have the update this morning I know many of us have been checking in with you and watching for it. It was another day of the kids from “up north” and teachers heading home early as we had sleet and ice. We had a couple of dicey hours starting around 3:30. Meredith and I were thankful to be home, and very thankful that we never lost power. The sleet really hurt our faces as we headed down to the barn to feed, it’s hard to imagine that you all are dealing with heat! Please stay hydrated and take care of each other. I know you’ll come home different people then when you left, all for the better! I hope today was a great day with a lot of progress, enjoy seeing another part of Honduras on Sunday. James thanks so much for the blog it was really good for your mom to hear from you, love hearing from the rest of you too. Take care God bless you all, Laurie

  2. Watching those houses and gardens come together so quickly is amazing! I’m sure those siestas were much needed! I love watching the missioners interact with the children. It is so heartwarming. They will teach you so much!

    Eli, I can’t wait to hear all the stories when you get back. Everyone in the family is watching the blog so closely, and loving all the pictures we see of you! “Fam Bam” is full of them! Haha. Soak up every moment. You are all doing amazing work. Love and miss you!!!

  3. Good morning missioners! I am amazed how much you are accomplishing so fast. Keep it up. Continued prayers for everyone's safety and good health. I was glad to see Jordan doing dishes, he's been trained well at home so that was a good chore for him. Mark the bank is still standing so they must be surviving without you. I know your phone will be maxed out with emails and texts but this will be a great break for you to not have your phone :) Will try and battle the icey roads this morning to head to Garner for baptism. LOVE YA!

  4. Dear Matyas, we are so happy to see you "in shape" again. We are really impressed from the work you all do here. We look through the pictures and wonder how lucky we are in this part of the world to live in wealth and safety, which we take for granted but which is not granted for Honduras people at all. Be safe and healthy. Wendy, Jan, Aneta with love

  5. Jared even though I can't see a star in the sky right now with this "excellent" weather we are having currently, you and your group can look up and see how bright they shine, they represent the brilliance of your lives that are shining and lighting the way for many people you never thought you'd meet or help reach new levels of achievement and integrity! Your trip will end soon but like the stars in the sky the memories will burn bright for you all Forever! I am so proud of you.
    ~Love your Uncle J

    P.S. I showed the picture of you smiling holding the two little girls to Grandma and she wants you to know she "loves you and misses you"

  6. Good morning missioners!!!
    I'm very impressed with what you've accomplished in such a short time! And with such joy!!! Truly proud of all of you!!!

    Kathryn, Mr Niebuhr is taking your place as Eucharistic minister tonight. We are doing a couple of projects at home today. Peter met his birth mother this week. The photos brought tears. I understand it was a great reunion! Kara sent an adorable video of baby Jules! He's making the sweetest sounds and is so smiley!!!Kaleigh started golf practice this week.
    We miss you Kathryn and are counting the days until we see you!!! Love you bunches and bunches...Mom

  7. Hi Alexa and Todd! So glad to see you both in some pictures today! Looks like you all are making amazing progress and doing such wonderful things! Wanted to just drop a note to say I’ve been keeping you in our prayers and can’t wait to hear all about your work there.

  8. Hey Jordan! I hope you’re doing well! I love looking at all the great pictures of you & everyone else. The houses all look like they’re coming along well, nice work everyone! All your friends miss talking to you. You’ll be back soon enough though! Don’t worry too much there’s not too much excitement going on around here.. Keep having a good time and don’t forget to play soccer with the little boys to show off your “skills”. I’ll see you soon. Miss you:)
    - Stay safe and have a good rest of your trip! Nicole

  9. Hey Jared! I hope your doing okay and making lots of fun memories. I love seeing pictures of you and of all the missioners smiling with the kids or working hard on the houses. School is really quiet without everyone there! Your mom and siblings are keeping me company and talk to me everyday. Your mom and I are always staying up together waiting for the next blog post to appear. I showed Breanna some pictures of you the other day, she had the biggest smile on her face. I can’t wait to hear all the stories you bring back and I miss you tons.
    -keep drinking water haha (I bet you hear that a lot)
    Love, Josie

  10. Brooke, hope all is going well for you & the entire mission team. You may have a future in construction with your brother in law after this trip (or at least a summer job) :).
    We log in to the blog a lot to see the teams progress and we are very impressed with all of the work you guys have accomplished. Sam thinks your setting a new fashion trend wearing those scrubs everyday, she's impressed!!
    Dallin & Samantha returned home safely from their Cancun vacation on Wednesday, they had a little more relaxing time than you are....
    Tiff is enjoying having your car while you're gone, however she is missing her sister & would gladly trade the car in order to have you back!! Cara is still missing you a lot and always wants to check the blog to see if there are pictures of you, she loves to see you working.
    I noticed you have been wearing a hat most of the time, hopefully you haven't gotten a sun burn on your scalp as I imagine that would be uncomfortable.
    Can't wait to hear all the stories about your experience!!
    Andy, Tami, Sam, Dallin, Austin, Tiff & Cara

  11. Hi Abbie, Glad everything is going so well on your mission trip. Love seeing all the pictures and especially the ones of you working. HA! It is so quiet here without you and Drew is heading back to Ames tonight so it will be really quiet. Hope you are loving this experience and all the little kids. Wish you could bring some home with you. Keep drinking your water (I had to say that).
    Love and miss you, Donna & Stu

  12. Missioners, I hope everyone is having a great experience. I wish I could be there too. I hope my good friend Paoula is changing the lives of some of you as well. I cant wait for my next opportunity to go back and help all the wonderful people of Honduras. Your work is greatly appreciated. Keep it up!!! , Chandler Willett

  13. The progress you have made in such a short time is amazing! Continue to enjoy the time away from your phones, the Honduran people, and each others company. Have fun tomorrow on your day "off". Maybe everyone will get a "coke in a bag". Lucas we miss you tons and can't wait to see you (and hear from you on the blog). Let me know if you need me to bring anything to the airport for you this year :).

    PS.. Cole says get ready to get beat in ping pong when you get home.

  14. Dad and Carlyn,
    I hope you two are still feeling well and making sure to drink plenty of water and wear your hats! I just called grandma and grandpa to tell them about my trip to Peru and was remembering how strong the sun is so close to the equator. I have been wearing my Honduran bracelet all week to remind me to pray for you, and because of all the pictures and the blog I feel as though I can be a part of the mission work again, too! If you see Paola and Javier please say Hola for me! School is not nearly as exciting as your trip.... but this week in bio lab we are dissecting chick embryos and altering their heart rates which should be cool. Made me think twice about my breakfast omelette! I can't wait to hear from you both. Love you lots!
    Michaela Bretey

  15. Greetings Jordan & Mark from the Laskie clan. we are together for Laurens baptism

    Grandma; sounds like you're having an awesome experience. glad you could go. looking forward to when you get home

    Jennay: Hello! sorry you missed our family weekend

  16. Our hearts are filled with joy to hear these stories. Juan, we may need the services of the roofing company here. Should I call Mr. T?. We wish everybody a great weekend!

  17. Kayla, you’re correct your bracket is busted. Your grad invites arrived, and I think you’ll be happy with the way they turned out. We went to a movie and out for supper with Matt yesterday. Glad to hear you’ve been using your sunscreen and are staying hydrated and healthy. I hope everyone enjoyed their day of shopping and are refreshed and ready to complete all the projects you have started. You’ve been doing amazing work and I’m so proud of you. We’ll continue to pray that everyone stays safe and healthy. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about your trip. Love you!

  18. Wow! Great work Missioners! Thanks for the detailed blog updates Carolyn! Thanks also for delivering my package to Santos and his family. I pray they are doing well and can’t wait to hear from you. I continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers as you complete your projects and prepare to leave your new Honduran friends. God Bless and continue to Lead The Way!
    P.S - AJ, Harp says they miss you in class and can’t wait to hear all about your mission trip!
    Cindy Harpenau