2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Project Paul - Pay It Forward Team Heads to Honduras

At noon today the Project Paul team came together to celebrate Ash Wednesday mass as their first activity as a team. Fr. Kevin, also a member of the team, spoke about our team's mission, mentioning the phrase on our shirts: Project Paul "Nailed It." That theme tied in nicely to getting work done, like on a mission team, or getting things done throughout all of Lent.

After mass each missioner received a blessed cross made of the nails from the old St. Joseph's Church. We also received a hammer with our names and the mission's theme statement, so we can literally "nail it" as well as figuratively.

Team bonding was evident throughout the bus ride to Omaha. Lent approved pizza was consumed before our team meeting took place. The Bruce and Lisa put all team members into four colored teams and gave them the rules for building their houses. We hope it will be a fun challenge for each team to see who can earn the most points from the judge.

Tomorrow will begin early, heading for the airport at 3:45 a.m. You can feel the excitement and anticipation in this team as they head into Honduras to NAIL their mission projects - build 4 homes and distribute as many gift bags as possible to the poorest of the poor in Nueva Capital. We ask for your prayers throughout our mission trip! We also look forward to hearing from you through messages to our blog.

Blogs should be posted fairly early, and if time permits, I hope to post a note around noon and then a later one at the end of the day. Thanks for all of your support for our team!


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  2. Our prayers go with you as you enter Honduras to NAIL your mission. We look forward to following the blog. Dave & Janet Klein

  3. Project Paul peoples...rock it in Honduras! Is half of Plymouth County in Honduras?
    Bruce IS the best boss. Bruce Kellen is the best boss! God bless all of you. Please know we are thinking about your mission and praying for its success. Mac Mike McCarty Mission Honduras-Kuemper