2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The End Is in Sight

Once again we split into several groups after breakfast. One group of missioners taught the rosary to the 4th graders, while a second group taught the 5th graders. Another group of missioners traveled to the homes, where they finished the painting and worked on wiring the last home. Two different groups made up of 3-4 missioners delivered gift bags, which brings our total of gift bag deliveries to 33. And finally, any missioner not doing one of the previously stated jobs was working on building bunk beds.

At 11:30 we all converged on Paola’s house for a group photo. That is the home we built two years ago. Dilcia, her mother, kept asking us to do a group photo in front of her home. We finally got it done at noon.

In case you were wondering, the push-up challenge was met. My favorite was the day they did the last set on roofing day. The two men on top of the roof did theirs on the roof. Now we need the missioners to decide how they’d like to spend the money. There are many worthwhile projects, and I’m curious to see what they will choose.

Ten bunk beds were completed today, which was our quota. We have two picnic tables to complete yet. We’ll tackle those at some point tomorrow or Thursday.

At junta this evening we announce to the student missioners that we have put them into three different groups – one per house. They will be given ONLY tomorrow morning to decorate their house in any way they’d like. The adult missioners may guide the students if asked, but they may not do the work for them. They may use paint or left-over wood or any other items they’d like to make. We’ll see who can be the most creative.

In the afternoon we are hoping that the Then Feed Just One container arrives for us to see at Cerro de Plata Foundation. Some Gehlen/Spalding food is supposed to be on this container. If the opportunity arrives, we will each ceremoniously carry one box of food off the truck. We’ll then allow the Honduran men to earn their money by unloading the rest of it. It will be very gratifying to see the food that has been packed back in the U.S. arrive here.

As you know, our time here is drawing to a close. There will be some tough farewells for most of us because we have made close relationships with many of the people here. I’ve heard several people say that they miss their families but will be sad to leave. That is a good sign that their mission trip has truly been a life-changing trip for them.

Missioner Blogs:

Hey everybody! If Eli sees this, I can’t wait to kick your butt in chess when I get back, and if Anna sees this I can’t wait to kick your butt in pool. I can’t wait to get back home and see everybody.  PS: Mom and Dad, it’d be pretty cool if you brought a pizza (preferably cheese, also a large because Brooke wants some too) in the airport on Friday;) –Lucas McCarty

Hey family and friends, I apologize for not writing yet. Mom, you were correct, I’ve been an emotional wreck this entire trip, nonstop tears. I’ve been doing just fine, and I am loving every single second of this. By the way, if you leave Cali outside for the entire night ever again, I swear that I will come home and kick you out of the house instead. P.S. You might want to bring some nail polish remover when you come to pick me up. – Sincerely, Yachmil, Ranger Rick, AA, Atze

Hey guys! So the trip has flown by. Sad to see it come to an end, but I miss you guys. Today, I found out that some girls have a crush on me (sorry Carli). I also had my nails painted a very MANLY orange color by some of my friends. Well, I’m getting rushed because I “type slow” so I’d better go. Sorry for the short message. Thanks for the bracket update. I have so many stories when I get home. OH. PICK ME UP JIMMY JOHNS WHEN I ARRIVE AT THE AIRPORT PLEASE. A BILLY CLUB SANDWICH. THANKS. MUCH LOVE. BYE. –Colin

Hi family! I am having a great time and doing awesome. I am not ready to leave, but I guess I can come home if Lauren misses me that much. We will have to stop at a McDonalds on the way home because I am having withdrawals. Love and miss you. P.S. Alec I’m sure you are doing great at the track meets and don’t worry, you will hear my loud voice in no time;). –Brooke

Mom, I want a track t-shirt (XL). And I also want BBQ ribs when I get back. Thanks! Love and miss you so much! –Ralphie

Hey BF&S employees, we are enjoying our time here in Honduras. We are hoping that the company is still running well without us there. John, hope you remembered to change the salt filters on Saturday. Don’t miss us too much. We’ll be back soon. P.S. The kids love the hats.                                                     -The Dynamic Duo (Thomas & Dustin)\

Hey classmates, hope you aren’t missing me too much lol. Weber, you didn’t answer my question about you causing any trouble without me. I would like to be a part of it if you do do anything. Jason Konz, hopefully my streaks aren’t keeping you awake throughout the night. Hasta Lavista, Brian Sauer

Hi Stephanie, it’s Mom. Things here are going just great!  I think the girls are having a nice time too.  They are constantly playing with the kids when they are not working on a project.  I think they are even getting used to taking 90 seconds very cold showers.  Amanda is not starving, by the way.  Thanks for the update on My “C,” so glad that has worked out.  See you Saturday.

Hi family, I’m having the greatest experience here, and I absolutely love it. I am really missing you guys, but I am not ready to leave. I love hearing from you guys. It makes me feel close to home. Can’t wait to see you all on Friday at the airport, but mostly excited for American food. Love you mom and dad, excited to see you.
P.S. Please tell C&K to come along J -Hannah


  1. Hello everyone! It's amazing to see how much you are all accomplishing! The kids and families all look so happy to receive the gifts. Have fun decorating the homes. We can't wait to hear about all the creative ideas.

    Haley, Catherine, Hannah and Ralph, we are excited to see you back in school again. I know there are lots of people looking forward to hearing about your experience. Thank you to all the adults leading the kids. Thank you especially to Juan!

    Have a safe remainder of the trip. We love you, Haley, and we can't wait to see you very soon. By the way, I've been helping with your Snapchat streaks, I think your friends will miss my snaps! Love you! Mom, Dad, Lexie and Taya

  2. Oh Catherine! Some of the pictures of you with the kids are just precious!! They bring tears of joy to my eyes! I am so very proud of you and what you're doing! I can't wait to hear all about it! See you soon!! Love to Haley, Hannah and Ralph too!!

  3. Dennis (dad, grandpa - whichever!),
    We have enjoyed following the blog and looking at the pictures from your time in Honduras. Brooklyn really enjoys looking at the pictures with me. She is eight months old today, can you believe that? We can't wait to see you on Sunday and hear all about your trip. We hope the remainder of your time goes well and that you all have a very safe trip home on Friday. We love you!
    Love, Megan, Lucas, and Brooklyn (Odin and Cleo too - they're both excited to see you Friday! ��)

  4. Hi reanna it's 7am and i'm tired and i don't wanna go to school and brendan's annoying me. i don't think i'm gonna last any longer, why don't you just come home now???

  5. Hey Deven. Love to see the pictures and hope you still doing so well. I have read your post several times this week and laugh when I realize you had to tell us about the trucks. Very fitting coming from you. I can hardly wait to see you Friday night but enjoy the last few days. Thank you to the chaperones for taking our kids on this journey and thank you Carolyn for all the posts. See you soon. Love Mom.

  6. Ralph - I ordered the track t-shirt. Is that all you wanted? Remind me to get your baseball order, too, thats due on Monday (so we have a little time).

    I still need to see a picture of you with some of the kids. Have you delivered gift bags yet....I keep watching for you in those pics. I keep remembering you and AJ at the game, so I want to see a picture like that. Brady made your bed and cleaned your room, but said he is not going to tackle your closet, its a mess in there....so you owe him one!! Ribs, IDK, probably wont find a rib place open when you get home on Friday, and we are surely not waiting till midnight to find one, and Saturday is always leftovers....maybe you can sweet talk grandma with a special message all her own tonight (she will be putty in your hands....lol)....maybe they could have us over for supper on Sunday night for your birthday (hint, hint, grandma).

    Missing you a ton!! I keep thinking only 2 more days, and you are all probably thinking ONLY 2 days left. Miss seeing Catherine, Haley, & Hannah too. You 4 will have a special bond from this that noone else shares with you!! So proud of all the work you have done. I wish I would have gone with you, but I would have wanted to be outside building the whole time!

    Love you!! MOM & DAD

    1. If u sweet talk norman some time I am confident he would smoke you ribs.....at your parents expense - haha!!

    2. Good idea Michael , tell Norman to get his smoker a going for Saturday night !!! Sounds good to us.....u know 'no meat on Friday ' !

    3. waiting to see u when u get back home and to hear about your last 10 days.....love and miss ya.....Grandpa & Grandma .

  7. Enjoy your last day in Honduras! Safe travels. See you soon.

  8. Hello Missioners from the remaining 2nd Semester CLT members and Mrs. Schipper!
    The halls are sure quiet without all of you...well at least the senior hallway. The junior hallway is as noisy as ever since you have two of the strong, more silent ones with you. James and Jason and I had a strange thing happen the first day after you left...we could actually hear the prayer that was read at the beginning of 2nd period. Weird!
    You will be happy to know that we are not just sitting around eating leftover candy and talking while you are gone...I mean, we are doing those things but we are also working on new projects. Lucas, you should have plenty of time to prepare to cantor at Reconciliation and Brady, you should have plenty of time to prepare for all of the readings! (wink wink)
    We all are excited to find out who is actually winning the hair growth contest, Atze or Colin, it is hard to tell from the pictures. Mrs. Schipper's money is on Colin...sorry Atze, but family first.
    We also really want to know what Lucas bought so here are our guesses:
    James - a knife, Kaitlyn - a hammock, Krista - a machete, Malayna - a doll, Abbie - a child (adopted, not bought), Jordan - bracelets, Alexa - a cigar, and Mrs. Schipper - a wrestler's mask. Can't wait to find out who guessed best.
    Mrs. Bickford, you must be working Bruce really hard because I have only seen one picture of him playing with kids. Poor Bruce! :)
    Finally, we are so very proud of each and every one of you. We are praying for you every day and for the people that you are serving. We know that it will be hard for you to leave your hearts and souls there. We look forward to seeing you and hearing about your experience, but for now enjoy "Standing in the light" and soaking in God's goodness all around you.

    Love, Mrs. Schipper and all
    Oh and Gonzaga is still going strong in the brackets! Hope you all followed the patron saint of our room and picked them to go all the way!!! Go Zags!

  9. Just a few more days of your amazing journey! I've asked a few parents if the time has gone fast and they all said "no!" so know you are missed at home. To the track team, expecially Cooper, Jordan was pretty sure he was going to die at Monday night's track meet as he had to do (2) 800s and (1) 400, but thankfully he survived to celebrate his 17th birthday yesterday. Safe travels to everyone

  10. Hello to you all! Looks like it was another productive & gratifying day! Reanna were you hard at it building bunk beds?! Im wondering if any of you may have a new trade in mind after this learning experience! Reanna are you anxious to get home? Maybe we can make dog houses or cat houses with your new talent!! It will be good to have you home but Im sure you will miss the families you have helped & all the others that still need help. My wish for you is that you will always have a special spot in your heart & realize the impact you have had on the less fortunate. Always be thankful for what you have & know that you dont have to have everything! Work hard for what you want & learn always to give back in one way or another. I love you & very proud that we worked hard to make this trip possible for you! See you Friday night!!

  11. Hi everyone!! I hope everyone had a good day. It's been busy with work lately so we are out to eat in Merrill tonight. We miss you and everyone is thinking of all of you. We as parents are so proud of everything you have done! Enjoy your time there and see you soon!

  12. Hey Colin! Looks like you know how to build bunk beds. I know you are going to work construction now. :) I wanted to let you know that USA is playing Puerto Rico in the baseball championship game. Go USA!! I am so proud of the whole mission team. You are making memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the last couple days and make the most of your time. Can't wait to see you Friday. God Bless! Love, Mom

  13. Hello Fellow Mission Friends and 2017 Missioners!
    Wow - I have been reading the blog (great job once again Carolyn) throughout your mission trip and have experienced a mix of emotions! I was happy to see all of your bags arrived on day one. And then was amazed at how quickly you were completing all the jobs. I'm not going to lie - I think I was even jealous when I saw you were already going for "Coke in a Bag" like on day three! I told myself it just makes that big of a difference when you arrive with all the tools, supplies, personal clothes, and gift bag items on day one, right?? Nothing to do with the crew I'm sure!
    It has been so fun to look through the pictures (good job Linda!) and be able to know what you're doing, where you're going, and the mix of emotions you're experiencing. They all bring back so many memories.
    Bruce, I'm sure you haven't been pulling any pranks and hope you're not being blamed for all the mix-ups! I read that Patrick's group was the last to return from the shopping trip. After I read the blog comments I understood why as he probably needed to shop for a bigger gift since he no longer has "the neighbor lady". By the way, speaking of Patrick, I'm sure he has been ending each day on the job site with a big group hug, right?
    In all seriousness, thank you to Mr. Seivert, Carolyn, and the Gehlen family for once again, sharing this mission trip with our Remsen St. Mary's students. Catherine, Hannah, Haley, and Ralph - I can't wait to hear about this wonderful journey you have experienced. My prayers for you will continue as you prepare for the difficult task of saying "Goodbye". I'm sure when you left for Honduras, none of you thought that 10 days later, you weren't going to be ready to come home. God has blessed you with an incredible journey and the people of Honduras will always have a special place in your heart. I can't wait to someday return and see Santos and his family, Paola, Dilcia and all the other Hondurans who I continue to pray for everyday.
    Safe travels home and God Bless you all!
    Cindy Harpenau

  14. Jade and Dad, miss ya back home. Can't wait to see you on Friday in Omaha! I've been counting down the days! You should probably bring some little kids home too;) Love Sage:)

  15. Madison, they.must be keeping u pretty busy, u haven't written to us since the first day. Or your exhausted from not getting to sleep in. Was wondering if u were still around . My question was answered when I saw u in the pictures today. Hope u had good shopping. Still pottery quiet around here dad and I are getting some sleep too. Well have a good last days and see u friday night. Miss and love u. Mom

  16. Hello everyone! It is amazing on how much are getting accomplished! I look forward to reading the blog everyday and looking at all the photos!

    Dan and Jade ... I miss you! Will see you in Omaha on Friday. Dan call me when you get to Atlanta! Enjoy the last few days! I can't wait to hear all the stories! Safe travels! Love Mom

  17. I think cadys getting tired of my complaining reanna. 2 more days n.counting !!! love you ):

  18. Hi Stephanie, haven't heard from you but it is obvious by the pictures I've seen that you are doing well and enjoying your time in Honduras! You all can be very proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time and I'm sure you will feel like you wish you could have done more. I can't wait to hear about your experience and the people you have met. Take care Stephanie, miss you. Will see you Friday night. Safe travels to all.

  19. Hey Brian when you come back we can cause some trouble together 😂 see ya when u get back bud