2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Design on a Dime

First of all, none of Mrs. Schipper’s class, nor Mrs. Schipper, correctly guessed what Lucas bought at Valle de Angeles. You were not even close! And even though one of Mrs. Christoffel’s classes wants to know what it is, you’ll have to wait until the final night. Mrs. Christoffel’s other class, note our team mural picture. That is something we do every year, kind of like our mission team signature. We thank all of you for your prayers. We especially would like to thank the elementary students and Mrs. Nussbaum for the special way you are praying for us in the house outline each day. What a neat way to be ONE with us! If you read this on time, please note that we will be doing our house blessing ceremony at 1:30 Honduras time – 2:30 for you. If possible, you could pray in the house outline while we are praying inside each of the homes we built here in Honduras. Please let us know if you were able to do so.

After breakfast this morning, all student missioners and the adults assigned to each team headed for their respective houses to decorate all the rooms. They also took and assembled the bunk beds for each family. As you can see from the photos below, they had all kinds of creative ideas for their homes. They also enjoyed the chance to add their own unique style to their homes. They were supposed to be finished by noon but have asked for a chance to do more tomorrow. Since they are WAY ahead of schedule, we are allowing them to return to their homes.

In the meantime Linda worked on printing photos that will be placed in a photo album and presented to each family tomorrow. She also printed an 8 x 10 picture that she framed for the families to hang on the wall. Andi, Francis, Julio, and I drove to Walmart (Yes, they now have them in Tegucigalpa.) to purchase food for the families, thanks to a generous donation for that purpose. We bought two large carts of flour, sugar, salt, coffee, beans, cooking oil, spaghetti, vegetables, and more. We then purchased plastic plates, cups, silverware, curtains, and some small plastic chairs for the children. Everyone is anxious to surprise the families with their beautiful homes tomorrow.

In the afternoon various activities took place again. Some worked on constructing picnic tables. Others assembled the bunk beds to make sure everything fit together properly. They must be placed in each home in pieces because they won’t fit through the doors otherwise. Some missioners took the opportunity to do laundry at the pila, or play with the children. Final organization, packing, and distribution of products took place in the library.

The missioners are starting to realize that tomorrow is their final day in Honduras. Tears spring up here and there because the missioners have made quite a few friendships with both the Honduran children and adults and know they leave on Friday. However, they are also anxious to see their own families. I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a tough day for all as we go through our House Blessing ceremony with the three families in the afternoon.

We also have high hopes that the Dole container with our Then Feed Just One food will arrive tomorrow. It is due to arrive between 3:00 – 4:00. That will be too late for us to go to the Cerro de Plata Foundation, though. Thus, we hope to help unload the container by each carrying one box off the container. It would be a wonderful way to end our mission trip!

working on picnic tables

bunk bed crew

Girls' Dormitory

a birthday gift for Keyssy

distributing bracelets

decorating our homes

team mural

Honduran friends

some of the students who attend Santa Teresa

Final day for missioner blogs:

Hey mom and dad! This is my last chance to blog, and I wanted to say that I am excited to see you, but I am sad to leave this beautiful country. The people here are amazing, and I have made a lot of friends from Honduras. When you pick me up on Friday, I was wondering if you could bring me my antibiotic eye drops (Vigamox, I think?). Some sawdust flew into my eye, and I think it might have gotten infected. I would also like to request that you bring some dang good food. P.S. You might want to bring some air fresheners. – Sincerely, Yachmil, Ranger Rick, AA, AJ, Aht, Ats, Water Buffalo, Ox, Oxtsa, Kemosabi, Atze

Hey everyone, it’s Deven. Shopping on Sunday went very well. I got some dang good gifts for you all. How’s my car? Did you get the oil changed yet? Today I finally got to use a wrench, so that made my day. The last couple days we have been finishing up the houses and building bunk beds. We got to decorate the houses today. The kids here are so fun to play with. They are so happy to see us here. At the airport I would like to request some good food when we arrive, and you might want to bring a can of Febreze too. I have made a lot of friends down here and can’t wait to tell you about them. I can’t wait to be back and see you all.
PS. The kids had a little fun with Colin and I, and we will have a surprise for you and the Wises at the airport.

Hey family, it’s Jeremy and Brian. It’s been fun down here in Honduras. So far we have got to meet a lot of interesting people and hear their stories. We hope everything is doing good at home. Mark, you’re right, those 90 second showers are pretty awesome, even though the water is only on for about half of that. Dave and Janet, Pat and I haven’t killed each other yet. We’ve been working with each other quite well. It reminds me of old times. Sandy, how was loading hogs today?  I think this will be the last time that we blog. Can’t wait to see you Friday night. Love Jeremy and Brian <3 p="">

Hello Sage and Carla. It’s going very fast. The weather has been awesome. We finished last things inside houses tomorrow and turn them over. Getting ready to see your face again and back to normal. See ya soon. Love ya, Dad

Dear Neighbor Lady,
 Love, Pat

This is Madi. Hello family, I know you all miss me a lot. Don’t worry. I will be home soon. Don’t forget to pick me up. That would be great. Also, if you guys would want to bring me some Taco Johns with you, that would be fantastic as well. I miss all the kids and tell Brenna that I’m sorry I took down her fort. Tell her we can have a slumber party on Saturday and can rebuild it. You should also bring one of the kids down with you cuz I miss them a lot. Hey, I learned how to do my laundry by hand!! And by the way, I do know how to hammer in a nail. I also got a summer job working for Pat Jones. Mom, I think I got you plenty of vanilla btw.

Hi Haley, thanks for writing. I miss you too! I miss you Anna as well! Dog’s, I got a huge machete that I’m bringing back. It is sweet! I also got a fedora and it’s so cute! I love it here! The people are awesome, and I have some things I have to tell you guys. I miss you both and I get home soon. The showers are cold, but they are bearable. I met so many people here, and I can’t wait to tell you both when I get back! Love you both!  Madison

CADY MCCALLAN! How’s it going? How are the pots? Did any break? Make sure you look at the glazes cuz you have to help me pick out some good ones. I miss you a lot! You need to tell me all about the panic! concert and how awesome it was. Just so you know, Atze got an eye infection, or so he thinks, and so he’s been wearing an eye patch all day. It’s the funniest thing ever! I hope you are still having fun at school without us, and I know you might be boring, but we will be there soon! Make sure you keep the boys annoyed while I’m gone.

Carter and Sebastian, hey guys. I have come to the understanding that you guys are not going to send me a comment on here so I guess I will just write to you any way, even though people told me I shouldn’t because neither one of you have said a word. I miss you guys, and I will see you on Tuesday.  How’s the musical going? I bet it’s really boring because I’m not there. I have some stories to tell you guys, and I will try and make a Hy-vee visit before Tuesday.
I will see you all after Friday.  Love, Madi

Hey Julie and Addi, glad to hear things are going well.  Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.  Hoping I have a few football helmets awaiting my arrival.  I’m quite certain that I do not have an addiction.  Jeremy and I are getting along quite well for both being half Sauer.  We are about finished with our work here and are hoping the container with the “Then Feed Just One” food arrives tomorrow. 
See you Friday.  Love, Patrick Jones

Hi Mom, glad to know every thing’s good at home. We’re starting to pack up our things to give away to some of the kids, and it’s making me sad. I’m not ready to leave them yet, and it’s going to be weird not getting a big hug from every small child back home. I can’t wait to see you and the new kitties though, and my bed. See you soon. Love, Reanna
P.S. Brooke says hi, and to bring pizza to the airport. P.P.S.  Hi Gabby and Cady. I love the messages. They make me smile. Miss and love you guys. See you soon. Love, Reanna

Hello to all the Bickford family
Mya, Drew, and Cayden, I hope you are all feeling better now. Mya, thanks for your videos. They made me smile. Ali - don't get sick. Marshall, you need to drink less soda. Paige, thanks for the picture of my house, but I miss you more than my house. Jay, thanks for helping out with whatever needed to be done with my ticket. I'm so glad to be coming home on March 31 because I miss everyone a LOT. Miranda, I'm guessing you are getting lots of subbing time in if everyone has sick kids like Drew and Ali. Don't forget to move into my house on Friday night, Drew. Pakka and Angel will enjoy your company. I love YOU, everyone!  Love, Mom/Grandma


  1. Deven, we were so excited to hear from you and are very much looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. Dad did get your oil changed. We are excited to see what you got us on your shopping trip and to see what the kids did to you and Colin. Enjoy your last day in Honduras and we will see you soon. Safe travels home to everyone. Love, Mom, Dad and Drew

  2. Hi everyone!! You should be so proud of what you have done in Honduras, I know iam of all of you! I hope you enjoy your last day there. Girls I can't wait to see you and hear all about your adventures there. I love you so much this has definitely been an eye opener for us parents to what this will be like when u leave for college. I'm not liking it already 😭.well almost time for work so I must be on my way , safe travels everyone and I'll see you soon!!!!!

  3. Hi Patrick, LOVED the message(s)…you made me smile! hmmmm We do need to address that you may have an addiction (sometimes admission is the first step in confronting a problem) and we may have to have an intervention when you get home, you have several pkgs of ISU helmets that have arrived...Lol… So glad to hear that you half Sauer boys are getting along so well, that will make you guys’ grandparents very proud. I’m anxious to see you Friday…Addi and I have missed you tons! Oh, and I think you forgot to remember something…aka: ”I’m NOT the neighbor lady, right???” You’re going to have to come up with something better than that… :)
    See you soon Patrick, love and miss you, Julie and Addi.
    Prayers to each of you as you travel home, you have made a difference not only in your lives but in others.

  4. Hi Brooke! Praying for a wonderful last day today as you celebrate with the house blessings. We love the extra touches everyone added to the houses, it makes them so much more special. As hard as it will be for everyone to leave tomorrow, your families will be so happy to have you back. Adding extra prayers for safety in travel tomorrow. We can't wait to see you and hear all about this amazing experience! Brooke, I will make sure Lauren starts moving all your stuff back in your room tonight. She may have enjoyed the room to herself more than I suggested earlier:) Love you!!!! Mom, Dad, Madie, Lauren, Zac, & Matthew

  5. Congratulation to all of you on a mission well accomplished! You have made such a difference these past 9 days! The houses look awesome. Your mission trip may be coming to an end, but you can all decide if you want to continue being missioners back home and make a difference for others everyday of your lives. How exciting! We are praying for safe travels tomorrow. Can't wait to see you in Omaha! Lucas--I will do my best to bring you pizza. If I can't find any close by, we'll get you some hot cakes at McDonalds on the way home �� and �� on Saturday. I hope you have been eating something you like in Honduras! Love you. See you tomorrow!

    1. My emojis didn't show up. The first one is a smiley face and the second one is pizza. :)

  6. What a great experience for all. Shout out to Hannah Elizabeth and the other 3 RSM students...Haley, Michael and Catherine. Proud of your hard work and your dedication to helping others in need. How rewarding. Safe travels home and can't wait to hear all about your experience, Hannah! Glenn and Amy

  7. We will be happy to join you in the house blessings today. Very cool!


  8. Mom just to let u know ur shuttle at airport will be called Budget Parking on it! Go to door 4 or door 2 they will be there if not they will be transporting ppl and be right back for you. FYI they have water in hotel now lol. Safe travels love you all!!! Can't wait to see u guys

  9. The song that came to my heart this morning, as sung by Annie...Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you're only a day away!
    I am teaching at Gehlen today. The Bible verse/theme "I am the vine, you are the branches - Without me, you can do nothing" really rings true as I think of you. You were great branches and you will bear great fruit. The class I am in today will be praying in the house outline this afternoon - at the time you are doing your home blessings. I may have a few tears thinking of you all!
    Love and prayers for your final hours in Honduras and a safe journey home.
    Pam Schmit

  10. Ralph it was such a surprise to hear your voice......makes me miss you even more. Pray for your BF, she will need your prayers and your friendship when you get home. I will send a text to the number you called me from if I get more information. Cannot wait to get you home safe and give you some extra hugs!!

    Love you!! Mom & Dad

  11. Hi Dustin, Hope you are enjoying your last day in Honduras. We will be praying for all of you as you say your goodbyes to the many new friends that you have made, and also for safe travels back home. See you tomorrow night.
    Love Mom and Dad

  12. Wow! How great is that...by working together for the good of others, you completed the tasks set before you! What an awesome feeling that must be...those of us following along on this journey are so proud of all of you! Thank you for possibly stepping outside your comfort zone, leaving family and friends and giving of yourselves to enrich the lives of the Honduran people. Now, step back...take in all you've accomplished, enjoy the friendships you've made with your fellow missioners and the Honduran people who touched your hearts in ways you never imagined. Take pride in all you accomplished while on this trip.

    Carolyn and Linda...thank you so much for the blog and pictures that you faithfully update daily. It is so fun to see the progress and to see everyone working together. I especially love all the smiles...and they have been there every day. That speaks volumes...to work as hard as they are and probably not get the best sleep is a testament to the gifts the missioners have received on this trip as well.

    To the Gehlen Mission Honduras Team Leaders...thank you for your vision and for allowing so many to be a part of it. What a difference you have and continue to make in Honduras.

    Dennis...looking forward to seeing you Friday night in Omaha. Very proud of you for going on this mission trip. I know two years ago when you went it gave you a chance to spend time with Melissa and helped me to be more comfortable with her going. The people obviously touched your heart as you were more than ready to go again. Love and miss you!

    Prayers for your last day as you say your good byes and for a safe return for all!


  13. We are very excited to see you tomorrow! Our prayers for safe travels! Catalina and everyone do not be sad, be proud of all you accomplished with your friends. Not many people has that chance. Valeria and I will be at the airport tomorrow waiting for you! Besos y abrazos, Vale y Gigi

  14. Hi Thomas and all the missioners who have made this journey. We are praying for you on this last day, as you see all that you have accomplished, as you say goodbye to the many new friends you have made, and as you prepare for your day of traveling tomorrow. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we are very proud of all of you! See you tomorrow night! Love you Thomas and see you soon! Love, mom and dad

  15. Atze, Dad and I will pick you up. I know all of you missioners have mixed feelings about leaving tomorrow. Be proud of what you have accomplished both with your hands and in your heart. Be safe. btw Tatiana had the baby, a boy, William Wayne Ward, he will be called Wayne.

  16. Enjoy your last night in Honduras you have accomplished so much but what you have been given is a treasure you will have for a lifetime. Giving of yourself to strangers is something only a few experience and you are now a part of that few. Remember that you will always remember this time but know that the people you have touched will ALWAYS remember these people from the United States coming and making a difference in their lives. You have been blessed. You truly are the hands, feet and face of Christ. God Bless you and safe travels. We will see you in Omaha tomorrow night. Dave and Janet

  17. Your work is done...your mission is accomplished. May you forever hold it in your hearts and always have a will to help someone in need. Praying for your safe journey home. It has been a wonderful experience on each end of this mission! Thank you to all of you for sharing the love. Reanna it will be your last day for hugs!! Give alittle extra! Love you & will see you tomorrow night!!

  18. Your work is done...your mission is accomplished. May you forever hold it in your hearts and always have a will to help someone in need. Praying for your safe journey home. It has been a wonderful experience on each end of this mission! Thank you to all of you for sharing the love. Reanna it will be your last day for hugs!! Give alittle extra! Love you & will see you tomorrow night!!

  19. Hey guys I just want to thank you all for being willing to step out of your comfort zones and go on a trip like this to help other people!! I got the chance to go on a mission trip to New Orleans over spring break and those wonderful feelings you get after helping someone doesn't go away I encourage you guys to keep on keeping on with helping others anyway you can back home!! The last 24 hours are the worst I can understand how hard leaving there is, especially when Carolyn is cheap and won't buy any Hondurans a ticket to come back..... So because of that all I can say is savor all the precious little time you have left there (dry your eyes and go play with some kids) do that so you can have one more way to remember how unbelieve the trip truly is... Then cry while your plane sits on the runway for 2 hours because the pilot's tried to bring too much weight back. God Bless and as we learned in New Orleans ( along with learning that back home is your mission field while Honduras is your mission trip)

    Laissez les bons temps rouler. (LA-SAY LAYA BON TAH RULE-AY)

    "Let the good times roll!"

    -Andrew Kordick
    P.S sorry not sorry for writing a gospel there....

    P.s.s if I,missed the time oh well I'm praying anyway.

  20. Hey Colin Todd! I can't wait to see you tomorrow night! I will bring Jimmy Johns and Fabreeze. I am so proud of you and everyone on the trip. You have done so much and brought so much happiness to so many lives. I will be praying for safe travels. Until we meet again... Love Mom <3

  21. Dan and Jade!
    Will see you at the airport. Safe travels! Love and miss you!
    Mom and Sage

  22. Hey.madison. Cant wait to see you tomorrow night. Tjs it is. Everyone is.coming home tomorrow.night for sams shower on sat. In case u forgot. Glad u had a.great time. Finually seen a.closeup pic of u. Safe travels tomorrow and we wi see u in omaha.love mom

  23. Jeremy, Brian and missioners - Your houses look great and we are all very proud of all the work you have done there in Honduras. Can't wait to see you tomorrow night. Have safe travels tomorrow and we'll see you at the airport! Love 'Ya Lots & See You Soon!
    Sandy, Sam & Kim