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2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Friday, February 12, 2016

Shanty Town

Carolyn and Dick. We got to NC today with Marta and Claudia.  It was really cold up there today.  You could see the kids wearing coats, hoods etc.whatever they could to stay warm. 

Talked with Jessica, and gave her our condolences on the loss of her sister.. I checked out the new bath/shower.  Nice.  Should work out well.  I understand we will have access to the same rooms as last year.  We should get 1 complete set of keys...if I understood correctly.  They really loved the idea of having a new stove.  I guess we will not take it there until a couple days before the team arrives.  Julio and I will get it there.

For the homes, we will build 3 but we only saw 2 today because the kid in the 3rd was not around and no one knows the way.

Anyway, we took off with 2 of the kids that will get a new home.  We took a short-cut which is without a doubt is a stretch for a short-cut.  I remember Mr. Bruce commenting about there are no roads, paths etc that are smooth and without rocks.  I can attest to this today.  The pics Julio took today have been sent and I have 4 videos I will try and upload later.

This is a 'shanty town' development, and is NW of the school.  There is a road for the trucks with the supplies, but in a different direction,  but I was not on it, but for a short way up to the top next to the construction sites.  The team will still have to walk to get to work if they take the Honduran Military truck there.

The families I met today: 1 has 4 children (1-2 month old baby), no man; the other has 2 children and no man in the house.  The 3rd house/family we will visit next Wednesday. 

All 3 of the new homes will be built on land donated by someone (or others) from Canada.  The areas are very rough and it will be a challenge to build, but that is what we want.  I asked Marta (after talking with Carolyn and Dick) to hire some men to get the areas prepared for concrete.  With only women and kids, the families I visited today would not be able to get the land area prepared.  I think we can do a 20 X 20 cement pad in the areas I saw today, but even if we can't we can get close if we can get the area leveled and squared.

Carolyn, you asked for a challenge...this is it and I have not even seen the other location, but I understand it is in the area (???).

One problem we may have is there is no electricity in the area.  There is a line running close, but I don't know where it goes.  We can steal some electricity from this (maybe??).  We will need to use generators; the problem, I only have 1.  I will check it Tegus soon about buying a small generator.  I (MHL) has a larger generator in MDLF  area, but it is heavy and needs repairs.  The current generator I have is about 3500 watts, and at 120 volts, should be able to handle about 30 amps of power.  What I do not know, but maybe next week I can find out, how many watts each electric saw and battery requires to work or be recharged.

So, until you see the video's (assuming I can upload them) I promise a very tough and rugged trip, but well worth it.  I wanted to buy the little girl in the one house some new clothes today, but I could not....maybe another day.

I wait to see the other family.  But knowing this area, and this new "shantytown development" area, I can only imagine.  The pilas will be difficult and the latrines ???. 

 On both of the 2 potential homes visited today, we will need to build channels in the cement to let the water run away from the homes during the rain.  We have done this before.

So, there you have it.  Tough!  That's why we DO IT!  More later.

Mr. Francis

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