2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

19 Days To Go!

Hi Guys,

We are back from Nueva Capital and visiting the 3rd home. Marta, Claudia, Julio, and I went there earlier this morning. Claudia was not feeling well, but made the trip.

 Here is the report. When we got up to Nueva Capital, at least a certain part, we did not turn up the big hill road. We were taking the other route up to Nueva Capital on the other side of the ravine. For those taht have been here before, there is a corner store, I call it a "depositorio" because it is a central warehouse location for so many other little stores. We continued on up, no the big hill road, but the other. Julio and I know this road. We were stopped at the police checkpoint to show my license, registration, etc. That was no problem for us, even though I was driving.

Once Claudia made contact with the father of the family we are building the third home for, we met him on the road and took him to the location.

This is the road the Honduran Military truck will take daily. It was good until we had to turn off and visit the site. But...this is not a problem for our Toyota or the Military truck. Once we offloaded, we walked down through rocks. (??? Are you sure???  YES!!) We took a few photos. Sadly, I'd forgotten my camera and left it in Santa Lucia, but Marta had her cell phone. She took photos and also took a couple videos.

We could see the workers at the other two homes, working to level and prepare the sites for concrete. The third place has already been prepared. It had sand, gravel, etc., on site.

Sand and rock to be used for the concrete floor
Marta and I talked about the need to have the roof tin be 22 ft. long, if possible. We need to make sure we have more tin to cover the roof with an overhang. Rain will be an issue. We need to build a concrete channel to run the water so it does not enter the house.

Each house is about 20' x 20'. The same guy will do the concrete as last year. He knows the drill!!

I was really glad to see the work ongoing. It will cost a few more dollars, but we will get it done before the mission team arrives.

Hot in Tegucigalpa, cooler here in Santa Lucia.

So until you see Marta's pics and video, I remain ...

Mr. Francis

Site of third home

Typical home in Nueva Capital

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