2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Friday, February 26, 2016

Our Day In Honduras

26 February 2016
Santa Lucia, Honduras, Central America
My day here in Honduras
Julio and I are back in Santa Lucia after leaving early this morning to meet with Marta and Claudia.  We would then travel to Nueva Capital (NC).  On the way down the mountain to Tegucigalpa (Tegus) we came upon an accident where a car had hit a pole, wires down on the road, 2-3 others cars damaged.  We saw the accident on TV about 0600 hrs.  No one killed thankfully.  We had a small drizzle.  Some of these people just drive so fast. 
We met Marta and Claudia at Cerro de Plata Foundation.  Then…to NC.  No more drizzle (it had quit about ½ the way around the “Ring” road).  We went around the way the big truck will take with the wood, tin etc.  When you see the pictures I will send, and you will then understand that all these materials that are being used (sand, rock, cement, water, side boards for the form and etc.) have all been carried to these sites by hand.  On the back of men, women and probably some children.
You can see the families are involved in helping.  They are so thankful. One of the most amazing things I learned today was that 2 of the families actually slept out in the open to protect all the materials from anyone trying to take them. That is how meaningful this is to them.  Even 1 of Paola’s brothers was helping.  Even the dog, Lassie was involved, but not so much in carrying buckets of cement.  I want to stress the very MANUAL process involved here.  Talking with Marta later, I asked her what it would have cost to bring a truck here with the materials.  She gave me a price…my comment…I probably would have paid!!!  But, this is not the way here in Honduras.  People carried it from the school, down the steep steps, and then up, up and up.
It will take me some time to upload the pictures of the day, and then later the videos.  For this reason I will end this message.  I will be back on the blog tomorrow in the A.M. to talk more about our discussions.
Again today was cool and windy, often without lights. Oops!  The lights have come back.
So, from Santa Lucia, Honduras…
Mr. Francis

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