2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Monday, January 26, 2015

Nueva Capital, Francisco Morazon, Honduras
Date:  26 Enero 2015
Time:  0515 hours

To all those that are following the Mission Honduras LeMars Medical/Dental I want to give you additional information that Ms. Kelly put on the blog yesterday.

Everyone is still sleeping and probably will be for about another 30 minutes or so.  I am here in the kitchen area with one of the cooks having a nice hot cup of coffee.  It's nice to just have something warmer.  Yesterday was a weird weather day here in Tegucigalpa (Tegus), Honduras.  It would rain, be windy, the sun would come out and then that cycle would repeat itself throughout the day.  We had a light rain from about 1500 hours in the afternoon until later in the evening.  The wind was really strong.

Most of the  clinic is setup with only a few items left to go over this morning.  The clinic opens around 0800 hours and will go until we see all the patients for this day.  The area has been organized in zones with people from that zone coming to the clinic on certain days.  This is the same procedure we used in la Montana de la Flor (MDLF) but would do it by village.

I know the team is excited to get started.  It was a very long and hard for them yesterday leaving from Omaha, NE and ending up in Tegus, then to spend about 2 1/2 hours sorting the various medicines and supplies.  I really believe we are all kids in grown up bodies.  We had two (2) nice meals yesterday and the cooks are preparing breakfast as I type.  We get our eggs from the chickens here at the school.  Believe me the team members heard the roosters all night.

It continued to be very cool during the night with light rain and winds.  Sometimes real strong.  I do not know the temperature but it is similar to what we have experienced in MDLF.  Today will be a high of 24 C and a low of 14 C.or around 70 F for a high and a low of around 50.  Currently it is not raining and only with a 10 % chance.  Of course this forecast is for Tegus which is at 1014 meters.  Nueva Capital is approximately 1500 meters so it will be cooler here.  I hope the sun is out for most of day.

Later I will get a feel for how the team members like sleeping on the floor on thin mattresses.  3 of the team actually had a bed.  I think we had enough blankets for each person to have 2 and I'm sure others wore other clothing, including this writer.

Today will be a day of challenges for the team as they begin the process, of weight, measuring, accessing patients, pulling teeth  and providing medicines and other care.  By tomorrow it will be a routine.  Many on this team have done this before.

It's time to start getting the team aroused for breakfast and then a fascinating day.  Kelly will post more on this blog later with more pictures.  The internet was slow yesterday afternoon when she was writing the blog.  This morning it is just like back home.

Ok for now.  I will usually report early in the morning and let the others talk about their thoughts and experiences of the day later.  God bless and peace.

Mr. Francis


  1. Hope all have a great first day. Kaci got right up this morning, can't imagine what Kelly always complains about, Ha. Miss & Luv ya all. D, K, & J.

  2. Excited to hear how the first day goes. I'm currently sitting in my nursing theory class I had better pay attention. Hope everyone has a great day at clinic. Love you mom.
    Melissa H.