2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Buenos Tardes from Nueva Capital!

Today was another busy day at the clinic filled with more deworming, daily vitamins, and a few unexpected incidents.
One man came to us with pneumonia and COPD, but left us in an ambulance. The Bomberos helped carry him from the doctor's office to the ambulance on a stretcher. Then we had to stop sending patients to the dentist office because there were so many people who wanted to see the dentist.
We saw around 300 patients today all of which were very grateful and patient. Doctor Tom Morgan reported that today's patients were more chronically ill: diabetes, respiratory issues,and hypertension. Many patients were diagnosed with anxiety and depression; we have also seen a few cases of domestic violence. Nurse Diana says "Another excellent day filled with patients." She cannot stress how great it feels to be here, and to be helping the needy people of Nueva Capital. Nurse Claudia reports that triage was more organized today, and the flow of people was excellent. Hello to everyone in Sioux Land from the crew!
Tomorrow school starts at Santa Teresa which means that we had to move all the doctors offices and the pharmacy to the basement of the school. There will be 1600  students from which only the most ill or needy will be treated by the doctors. Other students will be given daily vitamins, and deworming medications. We are all excited to see all the children in their school uniforms, and we cannot wait to meet them all!
Here are a few pictures from today. One of which is a blind boy who plays the piano!

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