2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hola from Nueva Capital!
I apologize for such a late post. Due to the wind our internet connection is horrible.
I am going to keep it short because of our time limitation.
Today was a great day at the clinic. As our first day I would say we did a wonderful job. We saw about 350 patients, pulled 46 teeth, and distributed hundreds of daily vitamins and deworming medication.
The pictures will not come through without good connection, so I hope tomorrow will be better.
Please continue to pray for us and the people. We saw a lot of malnourished children, and people with parasites today. I will do my best to get pictures up tomorrow.

Hola from Nueva Capital!
Today as you all know was the first day of the clinic. It started out as a beautiful morning, before turning into a windy, cold day. Patients began lining up early in the morning, and did not stop coming until around 5:30pm. We wish we could tell you how many patients we served today, but because of all the chaos we do not have an accurate count, but we know it was over 300 patients; at least 200 children under the age of 2 who were under-nourished, malnourished, or stunted.

The dentists pulled about 50 teeth, and were surprised by how well some of the patients' teeth looked, in fact a women in her 20's was found to have perfect teeth. The dental staff also had a nice time chasing a chicken that got loose. Toothbrushes cost $2.50 here, so the free toothbrushes were a HIT! 

The doctors saw everything: common colds, parasites, high blood pressure, heart murmurs,  stroke victims, dehydration, severe malnutrition, etc. 
We gave de-worming medication to everyone over the age of two that we saw today.

All of us are healthy and busy packing up medications for tomorrow.  We are being well fed by the wonderful kitchen staff!
"Our Faith ever sharing, in love ever caring, Embracing His children of each tribe and race."


  1. Our thoughts and prayers with you as you do His work. Everyone fine here. Hugs from Kaci. D,K,&J

  2. Luv and prayers, thinking of you. Don't tell Kelly I wore her cloths. God be with you and those you serve. Hugs, Kaci.