2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday 9 February 2014 @ 1500 hours

Hi to all.  Just reporting in on this Sunday.  What started as a beautiful day has turned into a cool, windy, rainy and then sometimes sunny weather.  Julio and I went to mass at 0915 hours today.  It is a 17 minute walk.  We had 2 dogs following us that eat at our house but they went different directions.  Linda, our girl dog, left yesterday to stay with other relatives of her owner.  Linda is just 1 of many dogs of the street. 

The owner was here today to do some work around the year of this house.  Julio and I then went into Valley of the Angels to have something to do  Tomorrow we go to Talanga and meet with the mother of the 3 year boy from near Acote.  He has been in the hospital.  Hopefully we can get a better idea of what is wrong.  Each time I ask Julio and he calls  the mother, I do not get an answer that I am looking for...that is...what is the Problem?

I am attaching 2 photos.  After all these weeks of feeding this girl chicken, we now have results.  This will be a first for me...eating the eggs this girl chicken layed.  I have 9 of them.  Julio and I will ea
t 4 of them tomorrow.  You can also see a photo of our simple little kitchen.  The stove is electric, but is really slow in heating anything.  I bought other pots and pans the other day to use.  Don't feel bad for us because we are eating good.  Lots of protein. We have beans almost everyday, but like the one's you see in the photo.  I like them more than the street beans, although I eat them as well.

OK.  For now that is that.  I will visit with you another day.

Mr. Francis

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  1. Francis,
    Looks like a cozy little kitchen. Do you have a refrigerator, or is that little cooler all you have to keep anything cool? Maybe you could post a couple photos of the other rooms in your casa so we can see what luxury you are living in. ~ Carolyn