2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Saturday, February 1, 2014

01 February 2014

Hello from the same location as the other day in Valley of Angels (VoA) many kilomters away from Neuva Capital and Internet Tree Central.  I walked to VoA again today (21 minutes from my house to the big road) where I can get a motor taxi.  I think these things originated in India, but I'm not sure.  Along the walk I talked with a former US marine from Texas that lives in the area with his family and works in a block factory close to VoA.

I've got great news for you in the USA.  It is pouring rain now, as it did earlier, and Gracias Adios I got the walk done before I really got wet.  It was really cool again last night but unlike so many I had blankets to stay warm.  My girlfriend showed up at the house this morning.  I have not seen her for a couple of day.  She is a beautfiful young dog that has over the past many days has had  many male friends into the yard.  I think she will now be having some puppies in about 3 months.  I have spoken with the owner and he thanks me for feeding her each day.  She really likes me.  Along with feeding the girl dog I also have to feed a rooster and his girlfriend.  I give them corn everyday.  I am becoming very domesticated.  Now if I can only do a better job of washing my clothes.  I miss Julio.  He usually does them for me.  It took 2 days for them to dry. 

Julio will return on Monday in the afternoon.  He had to return to Montana de la Flor (MDLF) to check on the conditions of his coffee farm as well as attend a special meeting of the LaCeiba tribe earlier today.  I am unsure of our schedule, but Julio and I will probably drive in Tegus on Tuesday for a better food selection...things that are not so frozen and have labels on them.  I plan to go to mass at the Iglesia (Church) tomorrow at 9 am (a 17 minute walk from the house) and then walk to the big road and catch a motor taxi to VoA to use the internet.  It has just quit raining and the sun is coming out.  Weather in the mountains.  By the way it is 1206 hours currently. I was supposed to meet with Marta today in VoA to talk about our schedule for next week but she has just called and had to cancel the trip.  She needs to meet with some school officials about 1 of the 2 kids from Neuva Capital that we recently bought uniforms for to attend a very special school.  These are older kids. The school gives them scholarships if they meet certain conditions.  These 2 kids qualified. I guess the problem is transportation daily.  It's so sad when kids want to go to school to better themselves but can't because of issues like uniforms, transportation etc.  It's a lousy system.

Our cable in the house is working again.  I had to reset it a couple of times.  Maybe a power outage.  This is one time it's nice to have owners that have a few $$.  I may be able to see the super bowl tomorrow night.  Can you imagine!

Well, God bless.  I must go.  I have to start working on my 2013 Tax Return.  Since I use Tubo-Tax I can do it all online.  I have to watch my battery life.  Talk again soon. 

Mr. Francis

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  1. I'm very happy that you've been able to get into the blog. I look forward to reading about all your adventures before we arrive. Take care, stay dry, and try to turn up the heat before we arrive. ~ Carolyn