2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Thursday, February 13, 2014

13 February 2014 at about 1700 hours (5pm)

Hi to all from Gehlen Mission Honduras, Mission Honduras LeMars and Then Feed Just One.  Today Julio and I traveled to Tegucicalpa (Tegus) to the Cerro de Plata Foundation.  There we met up with Marta, Olga, Dennis and Claudia.  All have helped us in the past in Nueva Capital.  I drove up to Neuva Capital and then Julio drove back to Cerro de Plata.  He doesn't like driving in Tegus.

A few quick observations:  The government (or probably another country's govenment) has been fixing the road around Tegus.  It has a name, but it is known as the "ring road" and that is what I call it.  This road will sometime this year connect from the north to the east, to the south and then back to the north and west to the main road, Highway 5 going to San Pedro Sula.  Believe me this will be a big improvement.  I have traveled the road down from Neuva Capital towards Hwy 5 before and...you can guess the conditions.  Part of it is still bad.  For those that have been to Nueva Capital, Sister Joan, Carolyn, Linda and Pat you will notice some very start changes.

Anyway, I want to report to all that once we turn off the big road and start our climb up into Nueva Capital I remember what I  remember about this road.  It was bad and it has not gotten any better.  What was a cool morning in VoA turned into a very hot day in Nueva Capital.  The road winds up and around and is very dusty and steep. Even though the road is winding it is not like the mountain roads we have traveled on in the past.  It is gravel.   I was amazed to see a motor taxi trying to make it up the big hill leading to the turn to the school.  Every now and then the people got out, the driver went a little further, they got back in and the same thing happened again.  I will remind everyone you will not be taking a motor taxi.  For our Toyota Hilux 28D no problem.  For the other Toyota buses like Carlos has, no problem.  People walking everywhere.  I always will remember Julio (who has and still at times lives in the jungle) saying who would want to live here with all the rocks.

Rocks, rocks, and rocks.  The digging will be tough.  Our group visited the 2 homes that ACOES has picked.  Both homes are very worthy.  Julio took 41 photos, and I will send some to Dick.  I think he has already sent out photos, but maybe these are different.  I have also sent him the exact coordinates of the homes you can use to see on Google Earth.  When Dick sends them to you just draw back a little and you can see the school where you will stay. In 1 photo you will see the owner of house #1 with a stocking cap on.  It was about 100 degrees but I also had on a long sleeve black shirt.

Both families were told that their homes would be rebuilt.  They were very happy.  Marta will give me the names of the people that live in these homes.  I have no idea how many adults and kids live in them, but many.  This is one of nice things about doing this advance work.  I get the benefits of being with the families early on.  Now the team will have to live up to the expectations that I gave to the familes.

I promise you an incredible mission.  It will be high, hot, dusty and tough, but...worth it!  Each home will present many challenges.  We hope to have all the supplies in place early in March.  I know we have to make changes.  Marta and ACOES will select the chief contractor and he and 1 helper will be around each day.  All the preparations for the homes will be completed.  The floors will be poured or changed.  We spent time talking with each of the proposed contractors talking about the fact we will follow their lead with an occasional exception.  They understood.  It will be a great mission. 

It is starting to rain so I better quit.  I am sitting outside so my signal can be better.  I will post again.  God bless and pray for the poor of the world.  You will see it from Nueva Capital.

Mr. Francis 

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