2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

day 6

Day 6, March 29, 2011

Well, it’s official……there are coral snakes in Honduras! Fortunately, we have only seen dead ones. Nevertheless, good to know.

We had a late and long junta last night because the whole team still had a lot process on what we saw and experienced at the mal nutrition center in Sulaco. We were also extremely tired still from that long bus ride and the long day of work so I did not have too much trouble getting everyone settled down. The girls of course have a long process of spraying down there entire room with bug spray before they go to sleep. Apparently they are afraid of the critters that come at night. We woke up bright and early as usual at 5:30. We had a great breakfast of eggs, sausage, beans and tortillas, along with fresh pineapple and papaya. We did our usual job of shoveling and pick axing. Today was hard because the area where we were digging had lots of rocks. The scenery however makes it worth it. The mountain view we get every time we glanced up took any pains we had of work away. In fact, some of them even made their way on a trail up one mountain and I heard the view was incredible. Steve made lots of kids happy by handing out sticker, and some actually went up to a home and visited with a family.

Dr. Kratz had his “clinic” again today. This time Megan and Stephanie assisted by asking each woman a series of question and making them a card with basic information. The clinic is run inside a local’s home. The “patients” gather on her front walkway area, and enter into a small room. This room has two small couch like pieces of furniture and the walls and ceiling are covered in various vinyl table clothes. You go through to the next room which had a bed, a table, and today a rooster, and this is where Dr. Kratz worked with the patients. He did encourage the rooster to remove himself from the bed for the patients. There were also baby chicks in and out. I believe today they got to announce pregnancy to at least 3 women and show them their baby on the ultrasound. The big boss of this operation is Sister Juanita, and she is keeping Dr. Kratz in line. We had a very special patient today. His name is Brian Eduardo. He is 4 years old and has never walked. His mother presented him to us on our first day and we have been trying to help her. I assisted with this today and I can tell you it was heat wrenching because the mom is so worried about him, and is looking to us as her only means of help. Frank is going to make sure he gets to Tegucigalpa for a proper evaluation, and we have given her some exercises to do with his legs in the meantime. Prayers for Eduardo please! Keep checking the blob because I will try to get pictures loaded of the clinic.

The whole team is doing great, and is already a little sad that today was our last day to have lunch at the village and have a full day of work. Tomorrow we are going in to the Valley of the Angels for a well deserved light hearted shopping day, and Thursday we will only work a couple of hours them spend the rest of our time presenting our donations to the villagers and saying thank you and goodbyes. We are one more 1 minute shower away from being home!!! The best thing I overheard today was two students on the bus ride home saying that if they were juniors, they would definitely come again next year. I want nothing more than for this trip to be one of them most fulfilling things these kids have ever done. Knowing that they trusted me and this mission enough to come and already saying they wish they could do it again tells me this entire thing has been a success! Thank you again to all of you for your support, donations, prayers, and most of all lending a member (or members) of your family to this mission!!!!

Bugs seem to be the theme for today. We had a spider discovered in a sports bra ,at least one tick, and we discovered termites in a hollowed out tree that Carlos stopped at today. Chastyn screamed that she saw a snake but it was a frog. Carlos is our bus driver for those of you who don’t know. He is great! Today he drove home a completely different way so that we could see some different things.

To my husband, yes, get the basketball goal and set it up, tell Jack I am counting the tomorrows too, and I will probably come to Tulsa late Saturday because I cannot wait that long to see you and Trace!

We love and miss you all!


  1. Sounds like you are getting a lesson in biology or zoology with all the different critters. Love hearing your stories everyday. Steph wish I could have been there to help with the patients. Sounds like you could have used a labor and delivery nurse. Enjoy your day of sightseeing and shopping tomorrow. You all deserve a break. It is amazing to hear all that you have accomplished. Steve, the St. Louis Cardinals cancelled the game here tonight so you didn't miss anything. Miss you guys and can't wait to see you on Friday. Love, Karen

  2. Hello everyone!!!! You all look so happy and look like you're having a great time! Probably from all the vitamin D... You guys aren't missing much back in Springvegas just some pretty gross weather. To all of the J.V. soccer girls- we played Rogersville today and lost 3-2 but we played very well considering we were missing about half of our players. Hope you all are having so much fun and I wish I could be doing somethine as amazing as you guys. I love and miss you all!!!!! Have a safe flight back home!!! :)
    Love, Riley Perryman

    and I don't really know how to post so I had to use this username I made in like sixth grade

  3. It sounds like you are all making a difference! We are proud of all of you. Nancy got a little teary eyed reading this tonight. It is cold and rainy with some snow showers in the last few days....it is supposed to warm up by the weekend to the low 60's. You guys are going to be cold when you come home! Have a great day tomorrow! Love, Tom and Nancy Dahlberg

  4. Hello to all of you on this special trip. It sounds like the work that you are all doing is so helpful to the locals and the children that you are spending time with ---- they shall remember it as well as you all for a lifetime. Thank you for your dedication to this mission and to serving others.
    Lauren - we are so proud of you and cant wait to hear all about your whole trip AND see ALL those pictures that you are taking!!!! hahaha!! All our love to you and a very safe trip home to all -- wonder if the water bills in Springfield will go up HIGH when you all return?? ;0)
    God bless all - love Aunt Pat Uncle Keith and Cousin Mandy
    ps it was 43 degrees here today - least the snow from this weekend is gone... for now?

  5. It's so good to hear that things are going great. I hope everyone enjoys your much deserved break tomorrow. Eric pitched tonight and did well; we won't mention his hitting... Sitting on the bleachers when it's 40 and misty brought back memories of those early Pride tournaments. It sure made me long for a good volleyball match indoors! We love you and miss you more than you could ever imagine. Can't wait to give you one of those long hugs you like so much. Oh, and right now Simba is crying for you! And thanks, Niko, for taking care of Melissa for us.

  6. Chastyn, miss you miss you miss you!!! Sheila and Mona I can't wait to hear stories. Brandon, think of a dessert for me to make, also found a new "burger joint" to try. Chastyn, enjoy shopping, wish I was there too.
    It sounds like St Patrick needs to come and scare the snakes out of Hounduras! Annie and Dori miss you (Kolt too!!!) I love and miss you X0X0X0 ~mom~ and Dad

  7. Macy....it was soooo GREAT to hear from you this evening!! I can't wait to be able to talk to you longer and hear all about your trip. I really do miss you so much. As I was reading the blog tonight, I have to wonder if you are in charge of spraying for bugs each night?!? Talked to Jayne tonight and she said the girls did pretty good at the track meet yesterday. Got third in all the relays...I am sure they can't wait to add you back on the relays. No make-ups are scheduled for this week. Grandma Grace said to tell you that she loves reading the blogs each day. I talked to Grandma Cathy tonight and they are also keeping up with your journey. Everyone sends their prayers,and are so proud of what you are doing. See you in two days! We love you..Mom and Dad

  8. Glad to hear you are going shopping tomorrow, sounds like it is much deserved. I cant believe the differance in weather (110'---40'). Looks like you all will be bringing the good weather back with you...It was soo cold at the soccer game. The team looked good and We beat Rogersville 4-1 without Natalie (hamstring) and Rebecca (ankle). Nicole had a hat trick and played very hard. Hope you enjoy your remaining time there but really looking forward to having you back...We all Miss you.

  9. Hi again Macy. Hope you had a great fun day of shopping. You deserved a day of leisure, as did everyone there. I can't wait to see what you purchased, and I can't wait to read the blog tonight. I am sure I will post again later. Love you lots.