2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 4

Sunday March 27, 2011

Pavement and a cold drink. These were the two things I think we were all most thankful for today!!! Our morning started out with pancakes and mass. Both were wonderful. That is the wonderful thing about a catholic mass, it can be anywhere in the world and you know what is going on. The church was full and we got welcomed with applause from the congregation. No animals running through or on the altar this year though!Immediately after mass we loaded the bus for Sulaco. This was an almost three hour drive on nonpaved roads, but beautiful mountain scenery and lots of sites going through different towns. Along the way we got a glimpse at the house of the “stick lady”, drove pass a huge gaping hole on the side of the road, had to bypass many cows, and waved at lots of Hondurans. Our first stop in Sulaco was the sewing school which is now just a place of business for some of Sister’s former students, and the woodworking school which is also no longer operating as a school. There were some purses and pillows, quilts, etc for sale at the sewing center and some woodworking pieces for sale as well. It was a good opportunity for some of us to get some souvenirs and support the local workers. The next stop was the mal nutrition center. There were at least two children that were not only there when we were there last year, but my previous year as well. It took the children just a short while to warm up to our group, but it did not take our student long to get the children to go to them and even play. Niko had a child on his back, Nick invented an indoor soccer game, and Devin and some of the girls had a few of them outside. We also presented our beds. For those of you who don’t know, SCHS raised money and bought 12 pack n’plays to take to the center. Even though they do not have many children now, in a few months they will and there are just not enough beds. Thanks to the generosity of our Catholic community that is no longer a problem. Mrs. Bureman even made sheets and extra mattress pads for each bed so they would be more comfortable. We also we able to give them 9 large cans of formula, and in a bank account in their name our community has raised and or contributed a total of $2,156. Thank you so much to all who were involved in these gifts. It is such a great feeling for us all to know we have made a difference in a place that so desperately needed it. This is always a painful visit. The children are severely mal nourished or they would not be there, and although it is fun to play with the kids, it is a hard lesson for the students to realize why they are there. The other hard thing for Sister and I was to see the lack of toys, books, and stimulation for the kids. GEHLEN PLEASE HELP. There is literally nothing there. Maybe on your visit you could bring some toys? We all left with a very depressed and empty feeling.

Sulaco was very hot, so it was a nice end to the day to walk to a friend of Sister’s named Dulce who had VERY cold cokes waiting for us and “fritos” which was a fried dough pastry. We board the bus for the long ride home. We got back very late so that is why this blog is very late. We had a hamburger for dinner. The students say they are ready to get back to the hard labor tomorrow. Our work day will be a little different. Don and Greg are running a Clinic. Don has a list of 30 “patients” and Greg may be pulling teeth. The people of this mountain have not seen nor do they access to Dr.’s. so this is a real opportunity. We love and miss our families, but everyone is doing great and is very happy. Thanks to all our family and friends for the comments. It means so much to us. Bob, thanks for handling everything, and Trace I love and miss you too! Jack and Ty have fun at school tomorrow (ha ha) and I love and miss you both.

Until tomorrow………..SCHS Mission 2011


  1. Keep up the good work. We didn't havea gameon friday. Having a great time. See you later.

  2. Wow! What a day. Chastyn, was Mia still at the malnutrition center?? Bring her he if she still is!!:) still so cold here, baseball the next two nights . I hope everyone is sleeping good with all of the wonderful sounds of nature! It was soothing to me. Keep up all the good works of Jesus. Miss you oodles! You missed counting money today. Take care all of you! Love Kim. P S cheer coach finally e-mailed us!

  3. Lauren,

    Sounds like a very moving day... Makes us here appreciate what we have and how blessed we are!!
    Lauren, hope you are having fun and we are very proud of you. Sami won the Wheeler Memorial tourney today; she played very well. :) Zo announced he is leaving for Tennessee, just so you know... :(

    Love and miss you,


  4. You all must be so tired! It is so neat to read about the warm receptions you are receiving from the local people there. What a wonderful thing you all are doing. Macy, we can't wait to see you on Friday. Our week will be filled with baseball games (weather permitting). Megan made it safely to Florida and is enjoying the warm weather there. We love you, miss you, and are so proud of you! Mom and Dad

  5. Glad you are all back safely. I just let Jake out and it is sleeting! Think of us in the cold weather tomorrow when you are sweating. Kevin made it home last night from Myrtle Beach about midnight. They drove straight through yesterday. Love you and miss you! Karen

  6. P.S. KU lost to Virginia Commonwealth by 10 points!

  7. Thrift stores often have stuffed animals and educational toys in good-to-excellent condition. Would there be space available next year in suitcases? How close to weight limits were you this year on the plane?

  8. Merica and Springfield Catholic Mission Team. I promise that St. Thomas More, Gehlen, Heelan, and Kingsley will respond to your plea for the malnutrition center in Sulaco. We are prepared.
    Emerson once wrote, "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." I will be in touch. Take Care, R. Seivert

  9. Nick,

    I'm posting this on behalf of your Mom and Dad - I'll show them how to do this later today.

    Love the photo of you and the kids - maybe you can cook them one of your awesome dishes?!

    God Bless - Hugs and Prayers,
    Uncle Mark and Aunt Diane
    Hi Nick-o-Nick!

    So proud of you!! Miss you gobs!! The gift of a smile crosses all cultural bounds and you can't do anything w/o smiling!!! All of you are amazing; God is beaming with joy!!!

    Hugs & Love,
    Mom & Dad

  10. Eveything is stillgood here. Everybody is healthy. I got Jack to and from PSR yesterday with no issues. I also had no issues today getting everybody ready for school.

    We had a big turnout at the 5:45AM this morning. I went up to take clean towels. They are coming to fix the dryer tomorrow!!!

    Doesn't look positive for Ty's baseball game tomorrow...80% chance of rain.

    Can't wait for you to get home. Big Daddy informed me it only 4 more days until you get home. I've got everything ordered for the B-Day party. The only thing I don't have is a head count.

    We miss you,

    Bob and the Boys

  11. Hello from A3 Spanish Class!! (all four of us...plus Ms. Coleman)
    We've just enjoyed reading four days worth of blog posts and looking at all of your pictures! Senora--since the laptops are limiting us from commenting and viewing pictures we decided to all use Ms. Coleman's computer to view the website.
    We think that the chaperones being able to help out so much is awesome!!
    Emily! So sorry to hear about your eye, but glad to hear it was only a minor injury.
    Hope everyone is safe and enjoying your time there. We can't wait to hear all of your stories when you get back!
    Shelby, Megan, Emily, Rachel and Ms. Coleman

  12. Sheila and Mona,
    Hey ladies- hope all is going great! I know it is and I can't wait to hear all about it. Hope Emily's eye is ok; be careful! Soccer team only played one game (Friday) and beat Hickman 5-1. Nicole and 4 others scored. Will let you know how baseball and soccer go tomorrow. Stay strong and healthy! Praying for you every night; see you soon!

  13. Merica, Sat April 2nd is turning into a mess on the schedule. Ty's game for tomorrow has been moved to 12:00 on Sat. Jack only has only B-Ball game at 8:20,the Pancake breakfast is Sat morning, and Trace is in Tulsa...ugh.

  14. Lauren,

    Love the picture from the Center. You look so happy and I am sure you enjoyed all of the little ones. Can't wait to hear all about it. We miss you and love you tons.

    Love, Mom

  15. Hi Nick! I love and miss you. I love the picture of you with the Honduran children. PLEASE keep sketching, I would love to see this experience through your eyes! Love mom

  16. Hey NIck - It really is your mom this time:-) THanks to Mark & Mrs. Donica for posting for me.

    We can't wait for you to get home!! It gives me such a warm feeling to hear all the great things that this team has done for the people of Honduras. You guys are truly the handiwork of God as you serve those in desperate need!!

    I can't wait to see you, hear about everything, and see your drawings!

    I just got back from Little Rock. THe kitchen isn't much further along than when you left. And BTW if your friends from Catholic see your car around town that is sister ___ (can't remember her name) driving it. There is a sister who is enrolled in the carving seminar that dad is putting on this week. There are over 200 people enrolled in the seminar. Anyway, your dad connected sister w/ the convent by St. Agnes. She asked if there was anybody heading that way so she could catch a ride to and from the seminar. You know your dad...he loaned her your car.

    I love you bunches!

    your momma