2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 5

Day 5 Monday March 28, 2011

Mondays are hard, even in Honduras. Getting up and going today seemed exceptionally hard. I think everyone was still recovering from the fatigue of the day before. We even skipped our junta last night we were all so tired and had gotten back later that expect ed. Also, the e students helped Dr. Kratz take the Tylenol’s some Aleve and some vitamins and divide them up into individual baggies to distribute to the “clinic” today.

Our drive to the worksite was as scenic as always, the sun was hot today. It was about 100 degrees. There were not many Honduras working with us today, and once again instead of switching off and taking turns with pick axes and shovels, we each had our own. This means everyone felt determined and obligated to work very hard. In fact, we stopped a little early today because I was having a hard time getting this group to take breaks! There were some bees around because of the coffee plants. We were not bothered by them, but I think the intense sound of their buzzing was not exactly comforting to some! In two past experiences the villages have been set up a little differently. They are smaller and more close knit, so there are kids around all the time to play with, and you are working side by side with the Hondurans and forming fast friendships. That was not our experience today. It was just us. We still had fun, worked hard, and had a great experience, but it does make for a boring blog! Dr. Kratz set up in a villager’s household to do his exams. He saw about a 15 women. He was able to use a portable ultra sound and this was first experience for most of the women. He commented what a contrast it was to be using the technology of an ultra sound in an environment that does not even have electricity. ( we had a generator in case you are wondering). He will see about the same amount tomorrow. Sister stayed with him to translate and Chastyn and Sami also helped out by asking the women basic health questions.

There is however lots of soccer and duck duck goose going on in the park right now. Bonding with the kids here in Esquias has definitely been a highlight. There was one little boy who had a really torn up pair of shoes there the last time, and the students made sure to take him some new ones today.

Fun and light hearted moments of the day; Emily’s “pet frog” that a little Honduran boy stabbed with a stick, Brandon and Lauren sang “ice ice baby”, we saw a snake, we gave out suckers to the children as they got out of school today, and they ran alongside the bus smiling and waving as we were leaving, and I learned giving a little Honduran girl a beach ball will bring lots of laughter. Our group motto we decided for the day is “felicidades es el pedo seco”.

Lots of love to all our families. We love you all very much. Everyone is healthy and happy but starting to get a little homesick so your comments mean so much. A3 Spanish, thanks for checking in, I miss you! Jack, I will be home soon so we can have your birthday party!!!!!


  1. Hi Springfield Catholic Team, I'm so happy to hear how hard you're working. There probably won't be much left for the Gehlen/Heelan team because you'll have done most of the hard work. Thanks for the alert for the Malnutrition Center. We'll make sure we have some good toys and books for them.

    Merica, I really enjoyed talking with you last night. I know you're really proud of this group, and I also love hearing that. How's Sr. Juanita? You know she can do a pretty good polka. You might want to have her give a few dance lessons once of these nights! It'll be some fun entertainment.

    I loved your photos from the Malnutrition Center. I know everyone who has ever been to the Center has been touched by those little angels. Stay cool!


  2. Hace mucho frio y lluvia aqui ahora. Tengan la bondad de traer un poco de sol y calor contigos cuando regresan, OK?

  3. Wow! Sounds like you all are having fun! We're missing you Bubby and you are all in our prayers! You are all amazing to be doing this!! Te amo mi hermano!- Maggie:)

    From Mom-- Niko I'm home now, missing you so much! I love seeing all of the pictures on the blog and your smiling faces. The Honduran children break my heart. I feel so blessed to have you as my son, Niko. Stay safe and come home to your family. Buster says woof, too!

    Ditto all the above. What else can I say. I always knew you'd be changing the world - one precious life at a time. I'm proud of you. You all are in my prayers. Dad P.S. ND women's b-ball and men's hockey both in the Final Four!

  4. Lauren, I can picture you and Brandon singing Ice,Ice Baby. I am sure it was entertaining. I google translated the motto of the day and we are cracking up. Praying for a typo and if not a typo, then just plain praying for all of you!! :) Sami has texted you every day forgetting why you aren't answering!! We all miss you so much and are so proud of you.

    Love, Mom, Dad and Sami

  5. Macy, I was so excited to see your picture! It made me miss you even more, but also made me that much prouder! You look greatm and I am sure you made that little child feel very specia! We just got back from Brayton's game. Varsity lost a heartbreaker in extra innings. Brayton had a good game playing JV, and they won pretty easily. Dad brought the portable heater and we stayed warm!!! We can't wait for each day's update to be posted to hear what you did. Continue the fantastic work you are doing there, and we will see you very soon. We love you so much.

  6. Wow, 100 degrees almost sounds nice. It was freezing here this morning complete with a light dusting of snow. Sounds like the hard work might be catching up with everyone especially after such an emotional yesterday. Sheila, I hope you are resting well at night. There is a home soccer game tomorrow vs. Rogersville but it looks like rain. Emily, what did you name your frog?

  7. Hey, Melissa, still cannot get used to you being gone. We have some simple math equations for you just to keep you up to speed:
    Dad + chair = floor
    mimi = bear? (think dad's Geico commercial...)
    Us - you = :-(
    Don't forget to keep taking your medicine. Eric is better and finally got to play in a game. I can't wait to hear about the trip. We love you very much and continue to be proud of all you do.

  8. Tell everyone i say hello and i love what you guys are doing !! hopefully all of the hard work will pay off, especially give my regards to Emily i miss her a lot, tell her that i love her and cant wait until she gets back! All of you are in my thoughts and prayers i love you guys

  9. Devin - Great picture of you holding the little boy! Emily was grateful for the phone call, it meant a lot to her (and to Mom and Dad). She is looking forward to her suprise from Honduras. Keep up the hard work, we love you - Mom and Dad

  10. Dad says


    I am so proud of the work you and your team are doing in filling the unfulfilled needs of others.

    You are being a sacrament of God when you reflect his love and goodness to others.

    I love you!

  11. Greetings! I just read every one of your posts and I agree that you have a wonderful gift of descriptive prose, Merica! I've been thinking about you all every day and I am so glad that your mission trip is meeting your expectations. I know the villagers must feel truly blessed to have you in their lives. It is easy to see why this trip is a life-changer for everyone who goes. It is life-changing to even experience it vicariously :) Be well and see you soon, Debbie Seitzer

  12. Thank you so much for the blog, we are watching every day, it seems as though this is quite an experience for everyone! Connor, we are thinking of you all the time and missing you. Dad has a co-worker who is from the capital city and is impressed your group is down there helping, there is so much need! It has been raining a lot here, even so snow showers, we hope you bring home just some of that sunshine! Love mom and dad

  13. Big Daddy is counting down the days until you get back. He told me only "3 more tomorrows." Weather stinks here.

    Trace went to Hot Yoga last night and wants to take Danny's class tonight at 5:30. They had to order a part of for the dryer. They hope to have it in a fixed by Fri. Taking the towels back and forth is getting to be a pain.

    I know you don't want to probably post this on your blog, but I need to know what you want me to do about the BBALL Goal. I was thinking of putting it together and having it up for Jack when he gets home from school on Fri?

    I'm trying to get a head count on the skating party, but I'm not having much luck.

    Bart said Trace will play Fri night in Tulsa. I guess we won't see you until Sunday...ugh. The good news is only one of Ty's school ball games conflicts with Trace's games. I guess that's good news:-).

    Gotta go.

    We miss you,

    Bob and the Boys

  14. Dear Mary,
    Sorry I haven't posted anything until now. We just arrived back from the Florida Band trip yesterday. The Choir and Band won several awards for their performances. It was great talking to you on the phone last night. I am glad that all is going well. Puddles was very excited to see us when we picked her up. When we arrived home she went straight to your room looking for you. She misses you so much (as do we)!! Have you passed out the school uniforms or beanie babies yet? I hope the children enjoy them. Remember to wear lots of sunscreen and stay hydrated!! We are so proud of you and your group! Our love and prayers are with all of the Springfield Catholic Mission team :)
    Mom, Dad, and Chris

  15. Hey Macy...just wanted to let you know that the track meet for tonight (Tues) is canceled. I think that means you have only missed one. Can't wait to read the blog tonight. We are off to Brayton's game. It's in Stockton and so far it's still on. Love you so much.

  16. Dear Sami, We miss you so much! Glad you are coming home soon dear. We are so proud of you and your team and the work you are doing. Can't wait to see your pretty face! WE LOVE YOU. Mom, Nick, & Charlie