2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hi guys.  I am recently back in Santa Lucia after traveling by bus, taxi, taxi, taxi again and then bus back to Santa Lucia.  I am getting really good at the buses.  The taxi's, I still have to be careful.

Anyway, Julio and 3 of his sons along with 2 other guys and Rafael (truck driver) left Acote this morning at 0430 hrs to come to Cerro de Plata to pick up food, notebooks, clothes and etc., sent by TFJO.

Marta was sick and was not able to join us. Olga and Ondina were there.  Great day.  Photos, but I will not send them until later since I was not able to copy the SIM card in Julios phone.

All were very happy.  I think something like 450 boxes of food, boxes of clothes and 1100 notebooks.  Plus other items .  Also, Dick, I gave Julio 2 of the special nebulizer's GMH brought last year (battery powered) for an ambulance from Guyapy that bring most of the people (kids especially) to Tegus.  Now they will be able to continue to provide neb treatments along the way.  Also, many prenatal vitamins and other meds.  Liquid vitamins for little Wendy.

Hot day in Tegus, here in Santa Lucia cool and windy.  Very dry.  NO rain!  I may go on the bus again tomorrow to San Felipe Hospital for the 1st day of the club food brigade.  I will decide later, but chances are good I will go for a couple of hours.  Not sure if I will be able to join the Honduran Military for their medical brigade along the road to Danli on Saturday.  It will depend on how well Marta improves.

Have a great day.

Mr. Francis

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