2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Thursday, March 27, 2014

We Say Farewell

And so our mission draws to a close. Today we breakfasted on scrambled eggs, ham, beans, pineapple, watermelon, orange juice, and coffee. Then we split into the work crews needed for the day. The building crew finished installing the electrical materials and wiring and put in the two windows. Most everyone else painted the blue bottom of the school building to the north of us. Groups of four students delivered cross necklaces to the second, third, fourth and fifth graders. The girls searched out several girls at recess time and gave them each a dress that Sr. Juanita had made out of pillow cases. Miranda Bunkers kept busy distributing hair bows and bracelets that her sisters had made. The Santa Teresa students really enjoyed receiving their gifts.

During our lunch of rice, stew, tortillas, and salad, we discussed the various chores that needed to be done before retiring for the evening. Missioners are still going out to the homes of some of the poorest students to distribute the gift bags. The houses have been completed, the painting is done, and we’re almost finished with packing up our belongings to leave behind. As I type this blog, missioners are showering and cleaning up what they can at this point.

We’re looking forward to a supper of enchiladas, and I’ve heard that we’re to get a special treat this afternoon – machatiadas! We’ll all be signing this year’s group mural on the wall of the building that we painted after tonight’s junta. We’ll also go through the protocol we’ll follow for our return home.
We’ve just finished an emotional junta, ending with “Lean on Me,” complete with actions. It was a fitting ending to an amazing mission trip. I went through every step of our return trip so all the missioners know exactly what will be happening tomorrow.

We’ll be up early tomorrow morning, as usual. Fr. Patricio has invited the whole team to join them in what they call formacion at 7 a.m. It is going to be an emotional farewell because everyone has made some wonderful friends here. Though we’re all excited to see our families again, we’ll all miss the friends we’ve made here. The Honduran children LOVE to hug. Everyone is going to be mobbed with hugs tomorrow and I know we’ll all be emotional messes. Then we’ll see all of you at the airport, and it will happen all over again.

There is only one message tonight from Megan for her mom: “MOM, it would be clutch if you made and brought your chocolate chip cookies.” J  (I hope she meant for the whole team!)

Adios! We’ll see you in Omaha Friday night. Thanks for following our mission trip.

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  1. Praise be to God for the good work you have done. May the experience remain with you into eternity.