2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Santa Lucia & Valle de Angeles

Sunday began a little earlier than normal because we had to take off for church. We ate French toast and watermelon with coffee and orange juice. Everyone did their chores and brought in their laundry from Saturday night. Then it was off to Santa Lucia.

In the village of Santa Lucia we attended 9 o’clock Mass at Santa Lucia Church. The church was beautiful and contained many historic artifacts that Father explained to us after Mass. He also had our whole group come into the sanctuary and explained to the congregation what we were doing in Honduras. He welcomed us and thanked us for helping his countrymen. The crucifix behind the altar was given to the church by King Philip of Spain in the sixteenth century. There was a painting of Jesus on the cross that was from seventeenth century, and a statue of St. Lucy from the eighteenth century and was given to the church by the mayor of Tegucigalpa. On the wall next to St. Lucy was a plaque of small medals that the priest said were verified miracles performed by St. Lucy, the patron saint of eyesight. She’s the patron saint of eyesight because of how she was tortured for her beliefs.

After church we walked a few blocks to Marta’s brother’s house. Her brother is a biology professor in Tegucigalpa. He’s created an oasis of six acres in Santa Lucia. There were all kinds of trees and plants, as well as fountains, in various areas throughout those acres. Each section is devoted to a specific culture. There are paths that run throughout the whole “oasis.” There was also a three-room house being used as a museum. The students roamed the paths. Some of us took advantage of the hammock or pergola, where he served refreshments. We also ate our picnic lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Unfortunately, the return walk to the bus was approximately nine blocks uphill on cobblestone roads.

Then we were off to Valle de Angeles to shop. The students were given two hours to find their souvenirs and have ice cream. Everyone tried to find the best items for their family members and friends. It is interesting to note that when given the chance to choose their shopping chaperones, all of them chose the men. Randy’s group was the largest so Dan agreed to help him. Bachelor Pat got to escort four of the girls on their shopping excursion. Needless to say, he had his hands full just trying to keep Caroline from wandering off! AND his was the last group to return to the bus.

Supper was lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, chicken, and rice. Once again, everyone dined sumptuously.

We began junta with music tonight. Janet played guitar and led a sing-along. As junta progressed, it was apparent that all are truly absorbing their mission experience. Of course, we all noticed the contrast between the poverty here in Nueva Capital and the over-abundance of money in some of the other areas of Honduras. The importance of maintaining the feelings we’re experiencing and the lessons we’re learning while on our mission trip. Many missioners already have shared that they know how difficult will be to leave here. Imagine: they have no electronic devices, are sleeping on a mattress on the floor with a room full of other people, are doing hard physical labor, washing their clothes on a washboard, arising at 6 a.m. every day, are allowed only 60-second cold showers, and they are going to have difficulty leaving. That should tell you a lot about these missioners!

Notes from the missioners:

Carolyn Bickford: Hi to all my family members. Drew, please call Lyndsi and check on how the dogs are doing. I heard that Angel had to go back to the vet for her eye. Mya, Cayden, Paige, and Marshall – I love you all very much. I hope your parents are helping you pray for our mission group. I look forward to seeing Mya and Cayden on Saturday. Paige and Marshall, I’ll get there as soon as possible. Jay, Miranda, Drew, and Ali – yes, I miss you also. I hope you’re checking out the blogs so you’re know what we’re doing. Take care of each other!

Colton Kneip: Hi mom and all, thanks for letting me know about everything. We are all having a blast, and I guess I kinda miss my family and friends at night when we’re lying in bed. Friday will come fast, and we’ll see you soon!


  1. We look forward to checking this each night to see how the days are going! Grandpa Randy and Aunt Sadie- Zella and Zia continue to pray for you nightly so I hope you are feeling extra safe and blessed with their prayers! Everything continues to be pretty normal around here- baby Z continues to stay comfy where it's at so you are getting lucky- we do have an appointment today so we'll see what that brings! We miss you LOTS, but are so proud of your selfishness in helping others. (Bruce- your comment even got Jake on here reading the blog:)) Enjoy the next few days and we look forward to seeing you Saturday!

  2. Hey Patrick and Megan - Uncle David has been following the blog but he hasn't had any luck posting comments. He wants you to know that he thinks of you every day and he's glad that you're having such a great experience :) I hope you're having a great day. It's chilly and windy today, not quite 40 degrees, brrrr. LOVE the pictures that are posted! Miss you!

  3. Sounds like this trip has been amazing for all. So proud of the work you are doing for the less fortunate. Keep up the great work love and prayers to you all! Stay safe!