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2018 Team
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Santos Surgery Successful / Pics Below

Dear Readers,
The following is from my brother Francis and his latest report on Santos and surgery to correct his badly deformed feet. I have posted only two of the photos he sent even though he refers to some of the other children in his message. Amazing stuff. Thanks to all the doc's, nurses, and coordinators of this wonderful program. And also many thanks to Frank and Julio. It must be quite a feeling to be involved.
Richard Seivert
Hi to all. For the past 4 days, Julio and I have been helping with a brigade from the USA (sponsored by Tegucigalpa Rotary) that has been evaluating and then performing surgery on kids, and a couple of adults that have club feet. I do not have the exact name with me at this time, but this group comes from all over the US to help. Our interest (Mission Honduras LeMars) for a young 8 year old boy called Santos, that many from JTFB's brigade saw last year. He was operated on yesterday (Saturday) at San Felipe Hospital in Tegucigalpa. Julio and I were there as we have been for the past days to support  his family. His dad is also injured but is staying at the bedside of Santos. Believe me this little kid is tough. If you have seen earlier photos, you will know that one foot went 90 degrees one way, and the other went 90 degrees the other. It was a very difficult surgery according to the doctors. I am attaching a few photos. I have also included some from the other patients in our little group. One little boy, his mother is holding him, had his surgery canceled yesterday because he had thrombocytopenia. He will evaluated tomorrow at San Felipe. Only 2 patients from our group of 7 remain in the hospital. Santos and the other little boy with light hair. I think Santos will remain in the hospital for a few days. We will keep him, his father and others in the so called Ronald McDonald house across the street for as long as it takes.
I'm amazed at how these doctors have been able to turn Santos feet straight. Anyway, these doctors will do surgery until 6 Feb 2012, so keep them and all of the kids, moms and dads in your prayers.

Mr. Francis

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