2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Saturday, July 10, 2010

From Seivert - Home In Iowa

Greetings to all blog readers from LeMars, Iowa.

We arrived home very late Thursday night. Very tired but energized by the wonderful experiences we had this past week. A great deal of work to do in the coming days, weeks, and months.
Many thanks to all of you that keep us in your prayers and thoughts. Knowing that we are not alone in these missions gives confidence and hope.
The planning mission review: thoughts.
Representing Gehlen Mission Honduras, Mission Honduras LeMars, and ...Then Feed Just one (fulfilling to say the least).
It seemed like we were always on the road - physically hard.
Many emotional moments.
Emotional memorial Mass for Illich. All of his family were present. A great reunion with them.
Lots of very poor, destitute, and sick children and adults.
A great deal of dengue fever in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. None or very little in the outlying villages. Very Hot and humid - hard to deal with.
Many children being taken care of through Mission Honduras LeMars and the Illich Foundation.
Gift of Mary Don de Maria children's home run by Mother Teresa's Sisters of Charity is amazing - many volunteer opportunities if you would like to go. We can make arrangements. 4 of Mother's Sisters are stationed there at all times.
Hole of la Pena San Francisco is also amazing - right in Tegucigalpa - run by Fr. Ramon from Spain - many volunteer opportunities here as well.
Introducing Plumpy Nut and Supplementary Plumpy to the medical people and the Minister of Health was awesome.
The visit to the Tolupan was special. It would take hours to explain the significance. Received a 'peace pipe' from Jefe Julio, chief of the Tolupan. In return I gave him one pack of Marlboro Lights as a sign of the strong bond between our two peoples. We then smoked a cigarette together - amazing feelings knowing we are the only people that have full access to the Tolupan. Loved hearing Tolupan being spoken between the people. Introducing Dr. Kemmer - nutrition specialist (retired military colonel and now professor) and Dr. Coello (U.S. Military base at Soto Cano and Task Force Bravo) and the new health initiatives was gratifying to us. Francis has been working toward this end for years. Amazing stuff.
Seeing the completed water projects just finished by an international Rotary water grant - 4 projects completed. The 5th will be done next spring by high school teams - we made that deal with the village.
The Cerro de plata foundation and the work they are doing for us and ...Then Feed Just One meals into the country. 3 full containers this past spring. Wow!
More requests for water projects in MDLF - will probably begin another application with Rotary.
Some of the children we are helping: These are all very severe medical cases - we will continue to work with them throughout the year through Marny Rivera and the Illich Foundation.
Jarmi, Nelly, Santos, Francisca, Yesenia, Cynthia, Alexi, Pablo, Oscar, Franci, and Kelvin
We got to see most of them on our trip.
Meetings with various groups all went well - as productive as we have ever had.
One of the most emotional experiences occured Thursday morning - we left Esquias very early and stopped for a small breakfast break in Dona Blanca's village. Much to our surprise in walked Ligia Erazo and her father. Ligia (23 three years old as I remember) was a young mother of two that Mission Honduras LeMars brought to the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland four years ago for a stem cell transplant. The pics of this reunion are amazing. I remember sitting in El Guante 5 years ago when she and her entire family came to our compound for help - otherwise she would die. Much thanks to Frank who pushed and pushed for this to happen. She comes back to Bethesda once a year for a check-up but is very healthy and well. She cried and cried before we had to leave.
Great things but a whole lot to do. Will send numerous photos via your email address when I get a chance. Will try to place just a few on this blog when I figure out how to do it.

Take Care,
Richard Seivert

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