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2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Caritas in Veritate (Charity In Truth) / Seivert From Gehlen

Greetings from Gehlen. Just returned from Kids Against Hunger packing at Kuemper Catholic. I left a little early to write this blog but they were on target for about 300,000 meals / all to Honduras.
Obviously Carolyn has just posted another blog for you to read.

I titled this blog 'Charity In Truth' because I wanted to tell you a short story - part you know and part is new. I communicated the new to Carolyn this afternoon and she will communicate this to the team tonight at Junta.

If you remember, a week or so before the team left Fr. Cosgrove called one day and said he had all this money - $325 from the student body at Heelan to help with the trip. We decided the best thing would be to use the money in the malnutrition center in Sulaco: I suggested maybe new high chairs, new beds, potties, etc., but that they would have to make that decision once they got there.  Then if you remember the Heelan money became like a snowball rolling down a hill. By the time the team left for Omaha on the 25th they were carrying about $1100.00. 
In getting into Honduras on Friday one of the very first things this team did together was meet and discuss what to purchase for the children in the malnutrition center - prior to the teams arrival I had Frank and Julio inquire as to their greatest needs.
Then to Carolyn's blog of Monday where she related how they decided to spend 60% of the money in the malnutrition center. Her next blog of last night explained the other 40% - To be spent in Montana de la Flor to purchase direct food aid for the Tolupan because so many had absolutely nothing to eat. According to Carolyn this team of young people is extremely worried about the Tolupan and what might happen to them - one of our most trusted drivers and workers is Julio - oldest son of Chief Tomas of the Tolupan. All the young people adore him - he will inherit his fathers position someday.
A further explanation: Almost 100% of  the time I am on the road with presentations on Honduras or Kids Against Hunger, I refer to the 'Power of Young People.' That is sort of where this story has gone. While at Kuemper today and making arrangements with all my contacts in Florida, Louisiana, and Missouri, to ship a load of Kids Against Hunger food from LeMars the middle of next week I learned that the people of Greene County, Iowa, and in particular Wendy Pittman, representing an ecumenical group of people from various locations in Greene County, wanted to add to the snowball started by the Heelan students - the people in Greene County had recently packed KAH food in Churdan, Iowa, and had over $2000.00 left. They and Al Vonnahme have now read Carolyn's blog and want the money to go to MDLF. Wow! What a wonderful donation and at such a critical time.
For over two hours on my return from Kuemper this afternoon I kept thinking about this donation from the Heelan student body, how it has morphed into a much larger sum, how it will more than likely save the lives of many, I kept thinking of the power of young people and what they can accomplish, and what they are learning about Caritas In Veritate. This feels a little like the touch of the Holy Spirit working in these young people.
Just wanted you to know.
Take Care,
R. Seivert

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  1. Dick, what a wonderful thing to be happening especially around easter!! GOD is sure working through all of us in many ways! Let us know if we can help in any way. The Barry Sitzmann family