2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Friday, April 5, 2013

Jakeb Sullivan. Darkness.

Greetings! So far this trip has been great. I love working landscape with the fellas. I’m really becoming close to the guys because we are all packed into the basement with 9 cots. It smells amazing downstairs (I wish). Overall the trip has been really fun! We got to eat New Jersey pizza last night and it might be better than little caesars. Haha. I bought a jersey at a store and the guy told me it was a large. Though he did not mention it was a youth large, so Jed I got you a sweet jersey! Miss and love all of you!

Mason “The Reservation Sensation” Grimshaw

Hey everyone! As I’m writing this, Father is bickering with Mr. Sullivan about marriage or something. We could make a TV show with their interactions. The trip has been pretty good so far. I’m not really sure what to say on this blog because I’m still reeling a little bit but that should be OK by tomorrow. The living conditions are great mom, don’t worry. The culture here seems really different but we haven’t seen enough of it to give you a definite yes or no on that. I think I’m the only Native American in this whole state. I have to give up the computer now, but hope everything is good in South Dakota. Love you guys.

Wayne Sullivan

Greetings to the Rapid City folks. Especially the Sullivans. I miss you so much!!! Some of us have been working outside cleaning up trash and debris. We are called the “Visionaries,” we basically are redoing a families back yard. It is very rewarding and the people are very generous and grateful. To my beautiful family, I love you and know that everyday I am here I appreciate you more and more. Lv, me

Hey guys this is Sabine and Holly!!!! It’s crazy beautiful here and the work has been a ton of fun. Yesterday we went to Seaside Heights and walked. We saw the rides that have once been there but now are destroyed. It’s sad to see homes completely broken apart and we have met many people whose homes have been washed away, yet they have this happiness in them and they know people like us are here to help them. We are missing home very much, but still enjoying our time here. We are praying for you guys and we ask that you pray for us over these next seven days. We love you guys very much. Sabine would like to give a special shout out to her Aunt Annie and Uncle Jacques, without you, I dont know if I’d be here!!

Salutations from beautiful New Jersey. We all are doing well despite cramped living situations and other disadvantages of rooming with many people. We spend our days working on houses that were almost completely destroyed by super-storm Sandy. It has been 6 months since the hurricane and still there is so much wreckage to be cleaned up. These houses that we are fixing up, although they appear in tact are almost completely hollowed out due to flooding. These houses were stripped to their frames and all new dry wall, flooring and siding had to be installed. Most of these people can not financially fund their own renovations, and they are not eligible for insurance money. They rely on others for support and they are perfect examples of humility. I hope you will all pray for us as we continue our work. :) With love from Jersey. 

Anthony Skaleski   


  1. Praying hard from SD! Missing you, Sabine, (each day has been a constant stream of 'When does Sabine get back?') but so very excited for the work God is doing in and through you. Love you!

  2. Love and prayers from Sioux Falls!!!

  3. So proud of all of you for the hard work you are doing. Everyone you are helping must truly appreciate it. We miss you, Jacob!! I'm sure the work you are doing is rewarding. Keep up the good work......love you!!

    The Hendersons

  4. Keep up the great work in Jersey. Am proud of all of you. Richard Seivert