2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hey everyone just checking in really enjoying the experience here in NJ as it is truly eye opening on what has occurred here.  Even 6 months after the storm there is so much work that has to be done and be cleaned up.  I have been painting doing yard work and cleaning up garbage as well as digging up stumps in the yard with Pete.  According to Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Dobesh I have changed the way the game pitch is played and I am enjoying the glory!! Missing the parents and my always fun to be around little bro! Thanks for everyone who made it possible to get me here including my sponsors, Mrs. Casey and my Family.

Thanks Again God Bless
Austin Olson

The trip is going really well except for getting sick last night (I begin to think the boys are trying to poison me LOL). 

It’s interesting how God works. Each day we have been focusing on different aspects of missionary work like service, humility, God’s grace. Yesterday we were asked to focus on absence/weakness/God providing. We were told some people will bring us lunch to our the worksite. For the last two days the boys wanted to do some demolition work. Well… the food was delivered to a wrong address which was just one street off where we had been working all morning. When we went to pick it up from there (we got a call from the young guy who lived there), we found out that he needed some desperate help to tear down his deck for a crew would be coming to raise his home or something like. It was around 3 PM and it would take him at least a couple days to do it. It took us less than an hour to get the work done and we saved him probably close to $1,000. The guy just bought this house a month before the hurricane. From deck to water was close to 8 feet and during the story there had been 4 feet of water in his living room. Pretty crazy!

God yet again provided. 
Fr. Marcin

P.S. To Father Kerry: I sure hope you washed the cat on Saturday :) 

Today is Sunday, a day of much needed rest. The team has been working long hours and accomplishing much. Our work is not only providing great monetary savings to the families, but also giving hope to families that have been displaced for 6 months.  Father Scott and Catherine are taking great care of us and we are hoping to go to the beach for a break today. Our kids are amazing and always looking for more projects!  Tonight some will join in the choir at 5PM Mass with the youth group from St. Joe's and then we will be spending time with them throughout the evening. Team Skiff, (Barb, Karrie, Anthony, Joe, Holly, Sabine and Father Marcin spent yesterday painting the inside of an entire house for a family of 5. They have only been living together the last 3 weeks and are hoping to be in their home within a month or so.  While we were painting, a crew from Pennsylvania rolled in to put floors down. Although we didn't get completely finished, the house was taking on a new look when we left. What a privilege to be part of this and bring joy to others!


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  2. Hey Joe & everyone!
    You guys are doing a great job! I'm very proud to tell people that my brother is helping clean up from the hurricane! Thinking about you everyday Joe, and Mom is missing you tons! Have a good rest of your time! Can't wait to hear all about it!
    Love you!
    Chelsie Michalewicz

  3. Hey guys!
    It looks and sounds like this is a great experience for all and a lot is getting done! Everyone at the school has been praying for all of you, and we are all very proud. We miss you Leslie!

  4. Hi, everyone! So good to hear from you - the pictures are great! Elizabeth, I think you should paint our door red when you get home... it's very pretty! I can imagine everyone is so thankful for the work you're doing. What a blessing you all are. Keep up the good work - we love and miss you Elizabeth!!
    Love The Carreiro's

    1. Welcome to the Northeast! This is Jean, Elizabeth's aunt in CT. I'm sure all of your hard work and effort is so greatly appreciated. There was so much devastation caused by Sandy in NJ, NY, and CT that it will take a long time for families to recover. It is wonderful that your group is able to help rebuild these homes! God bless you all.

  5. Hi Catherine and team. Love seeing the pictures you are posting. Sounds as if all of you are working hard and experiencing so much~ exactly what God intended for you:) So very proud of all of you and of how well you are representing your families, school, church and community! Today at the Divine Mercy service at Blessed Sacrament, we offered prayers for intentions of all of you. Your work is certainly prayer in action. Love and miss you Catherine, mom and dad.

  6. Oh..I have been trying to post and its not workin...so...I will keep trying.. sounds like you all are gonna miss the big blizzard on Tuesday.

  7. Austin...sounds like you all are making a huge impact in New Jersey!!! That is so awesome and we are so proud of all of you!!! We could tell when we left you at the airport that you were going with an awesome and fun group of people. Glad that you finally got the demolition project that you all were craving. How cool is that...Austin, you have no idea how many times we have picked up the phone to call or text you.....only to remember that your phones were left home, but we know that you all are in God's hands. ( don't be surprised when you get home and check your phone and find texts from me). We all, including your little brother, miss you terribly.....oh and just so you know....some people I know..wanted to blog to you but this blog wouldn't let it go through.

    Enjoy the rest of your timethere.

    Luv...mom and dad

  8. Austin: Sounds like you guys are all working hard. God Bless you and your entire group as you continue working for those in need. We are proud of you all.
    Grandpa and Grandma

  9. God is good - all the time! It's so exciting to be a witness to God's work. We are so proud of you, Sabine. Squeeze every last drop out of the remaining days!

  10. Elizabeth!! I would like a red door as well. Enjoying following your work there and love the pictures. We love you so much and are proud that you are truly doing God's work. I wish these opportunities would have been there when I was your age!! Not sure I would be brave enough though. David commented that he would like to go back to "Aunt Monica's house to see Katie and...and....and.....(prompted) TAPPY!!"
    Love from Sioux Falls!!
    Aunt Joanna

  11. Austin (brother) ;)
    We all miss you so much, it is just so strange not having you around all the time!! The only thing keeping me going is that this is just temporary. I'm so proud to call you my big brother and of all the work that you guys are doing. God bless all.
    Love and miss you brother,

    Corbin Olson.

  12. Hi, Elizabeth! I hope you enjoyed your excursion to Philly! Did you have a Philly cheesesteak? See the Liberty Bell? It is a lot less chaotic there than NYC. I can't believe your week is almost over. I hear RC will be blanketed by lots of snow when you return. Have a safe trip home!
    Love, Jean, Joe, and Sophie