2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Message From Frank in Honduras

Dick, Carolyn, Merica, Linda, Fr. Cosgrove, Sister Joan, Mary, Katie, All team Members and Parents,

I am sending you this message to confirm that I have a great doctor that will support all 3 teams when in Honduras.
Her name Mardi Avila and she lives and works in the city and department of Cortez. She was one of the special doctors that JTFB had with them during our recent medical trip into la Montana de la Flor (MDLF). She has agreed to be available to answer my inquiries if one of the kids or adults get sick during the time they are working and staying in Honduras. I wish you could meet her.
Mardi,thanks for your willingness to help our teams. The project this year is again a large water project in the village of Vallecillo in Comayaqua department. The teams comes from Missouri, South Dakota and Iowa. These teams will bring 85 people (mostly high school students) into Honduras. Mardi, you can go to these web sites and get a better idea of the mission(s) we work on: www.gehlenmissionhonduras.org and www.missionhonduraslemars.org. If you go to www.missionhonduraslemars.org you can read (under the heading of "Feature Story") about our recently completed mission to MDLF. I wish I had a photo to send to the supervisors of these teams, but Julio did not take one of you.
Okay Mardi, thanks again for willing to help us in case we have a medical problem. You know the payoff. I will not let Dr. Coello know. Julio and I plan to meet with him and Dr. Hoilein and Col. Shipley next week.
I will talk with you later. Until then, I provide your e-mail address to my chief and those that are the main coordinators of this trip: Mardi Avila ;
Mardi, until we meet again (hopefully in late May/early June) I wish you peace, hope and love. God bless my friend. See you soon.
Mr. Francis

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