2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 1

Thursday, March 24th

Day 1

Well, we are here. We are safe. And we are tired!

Before I can go on any further, we first all want to say to Peyton we love her and miss her. We are all so sorry about your passport and we all want you to know you are here with us in spirit!

Our day started out by getting up at 3am. We have traveled by bus, plane, and bus again. However, the students and chaperones alike have all agreed it has been worth it! It is so hard to explain to those who have never been the excitement of landing and the sights and sounds you see along the way to Esquias. We are all settled in our “rooms”, and Tacha had a nice dinner for us of corn tortillas, rice, beans, meat, and the most delicious fresh tomatoes!! Everyone is adjusting perfectly, and we are busy getting ready for bed and preparing for our first work day tomorrow.

We closed our evening here with our “junta” which is small sharing and gathering we have each evening. The students were also given some rules about the compound, showering, and diving for toilet paper with stick if they accidentally throw it in the toilet! Bugs killed or chased off by Mona so far; 1 roach, 1 beetle, and a spider which the girls insist was a tarantula

Frank wants us on the bus ready to go by 6:50. The students will wake up at 5:30, dress, eat breakfast, do their chores, and load the bus. Loading the bus requires a lot work. Not only do the students have to make sure they have all their personal items like gloves, sunscreen, etc., but we also have to load all our water, Gatorade, medicines, toilet paper , and dishes for our meals with locals. We will probably be greeted by a large group from the village when we arrive. We will be given a welcoming ceremony, then Angel the engineer will put us to work. I will have to let you know tomorrow what that will be specifically. We will work until about 12, then have lunch at the village that has been prepared for us. We will then load the bus for our trip home. We will probably do some work here in the afternoon to sort our items, and hopefully they can go play with the kids at the park tomorrow.

Love to all our families. Thank you all for your support for letting us come, we miss all of you. Thanks to all of our loyal friends a blog followers. We are turning in for an early night. I will update you more tomorrow with details on each of your children! I sure I will have many funny stories by then.

Love you Bob, Ty, Trace and Jack!!!!!!!


  1. Glad you made it. For as hot as it is there it is just the opposite here. We are freezing today!

    Big Daddy won both his games last night. he coughed every second of both games. UCONN won last night so Ty is very happy. He's counting on winning that money.

    We may go bowwling tonight. BD want to go see some movie, so I may opt for that and just kick back on the couch.

    Made it through Yoga Bikini Bootcamp this morning!!!

    I love you,

    Bob and the Boys

  2. All is well at the studio, Merica! We miss you already and can't wait to read more about all the awesome things you're doing down there. Be safe!!