2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Message From Fr. Cosgrove

Hello to All,

The following is taken from a book, The Jesuit Guide by Fr.James Martin, S. J., and it might be good for us to reflect on what he has to say as it relates to our mission next spring. What you will be doing is very wonderful and prayerful. You need to be aware of your gift and responsibility.

The author is talking about how we can care for and learn from the poor. He mentions three things at first.
1. Being grateful for what you have
2. Helping out in a church community
3. Really stretching yourself when you give charitably.

You will all be doing those three things. As members of our mission trip you will be doing all three. Get ready to learn what is before you as you prepare and during the days you are there.

The author adds a final goal when working for the poor. Get to know the poor one-on-one, rather than as objects of charity. The poor are able to invite the wealthy to think about God in new way.

Finally he suggests to prepare to serve the Lord in the Poor by carving out a time for prayer and a time to be alone, finding God around you, practice a degree of detachment from the “things” of your life. As you prepare for the trip you will grow from the trip in years to come.

It is great to have you all with us. Remember to get your passport, save up some money, get used to living with lots of new people and to enjoy a short shower with cold water.

Heelan Students: We have five that have signed up for Don de Maria. We need eight. Any questions or if you wish to sign up let Fr. Cosgrove know soon. Give it some thought and talk it over with your friends. Both places will be great times to serve the Lord in the people of Honduras.

Fr. Cosgrove

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