2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday, April 7

Hola from Honduras!  I am writing this blog from a police station........but its not what you think it is the only place with internet access.  Today was our first day of work.  After a early breakfast of pancakes, it was on the bus for a 1 and a half hour drive to la florida.  The group enjoyed all the sights on the way, there were lots of smiles and waves from the Hondurans.  Not to rub in in to the previous group, but the temp was very tolerable today.  Even though the themometer read 100, we had lots of cloud cover and a breeze.  The work was tough.  Nothing but digging and pick axing.  Parents, teachers, friends and family of this group, you would be so proud.  I was so impressed by the work this group did today.  They worked hard but seemed to enjoy the process.  It did not take long to have many followers and helpers by the children of the village.  WE were all touched by the way smalll children would come take shovels and axes from our hands and take over the work to give us breaks.  Chastyn and Kaitlin sang, we blew bubbles, and I once again fell down on my first day  Nothing hurt but my pride, and Alex said I did not need that anyway!  It was a quiet ride home, but once we got back the students went straight to the salon to sort all of the donation.  Under the leadership of Kaitlin and Christina, it was done quickly!  I do not have a lot of time with this computer, so unfortunately I will not be able to be as detailed as Carolyn, but here are a few things i need to say.

To the Gehlen group, my girls loved and appreciated the letter you left.  It really made them feel good and laugh and I thank you for that!  Chastyn wants to give a shout out to Peyton, Shelby and Lyndsey, and hello to All my  SPanish classes.  Kolt, your parents are doing a great job.  This keyboard is challenging so please excuse any errors or grammar.  WE are safe, we are having fun, and everyone is loving Honduras,.  The kids are about to go down to the park to play with the kids, they have quite a following here!  To my boys Trace and jack, I love you and miss you!  Hopefully the internet will be back up in the library tomorrow so I do not have to rush, but for now I think the policeman wants his computer back.  Until tomorrow, adios!


  1. Hello from Springfield,
    Its Peyton! I miss you all terribly, and hope that you are having loads of fun. I have to tell the teachers in all of your classes (Steph and Chastyn) that you are in Honduras without me! Everyone at school misses your loud noises in the hallways! We are all proud of you and encourage you to keep up the hard work! Mom loves you Kaitlin...and me too! And we miss you! Good luck all!

  2. Hello this is Aaron Schlesser, a student missioner from the previous Gehlen Mission Trip. Im am glad to read up on your efforts of continuing what we left off. It is hard work so keep it up, it is well worth it. I wish I could be right there helping you guys! It was the greatest experience of my life and I hope it is as good for you guys. Special hello to Sister Juanita, Linda, and Frank. Hope you guys are doing good. And if you havent thanked them yet make sure you do because they are the people that make this all possible. I look forward to reading up on your progress everyday.
    Lifes a garden, dig it!
    Good luck and farewell,
    Aaron Schlesser

  3. Merica, "How bad did it hurt?:-)?" Things are good here at base camp. We'll be rockin' tonight with Bid Daddy (Jack) having his 1st baseball game and Sauce having practice. We still haven't eaten out! Tell Ty to check his baseball hat and give me his size. Coach Tristan needs to order hats. I put him dowm for a large shirt (last year he had a M). I'll post how Jack did tomorrow, and I'll take my computer with me this weekend to keep you updated on Sauce's tourney. He plays at 8:15 tomorrow night, and at 12:30 and 4:00 on Sat. Hopefully we can do someting fun Sat night. Back went out yesterday. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow.

  4. Hello to all in Honduras. Very special hello to Kim and Chuck and Chastyn Donica, my Sister and Brother-in-Law and niece. Glad to hear that Chastyn is keeping up the moral with singing while she works. And it is good to know Kim and Chuck are right in the middle of it all. We are all fine here in Branson and Springfield. Keep up the good work and we are all praying for a safe trip for you all. Mindy Crossland