2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Monday, April 5, 2010

Two Days in Tegucigalpa

Hello to all Tegucigalpa,
Frank, Sr. Juanita, Julio, Carlos & I (Linda) have been spending the last couple of days in Tegucigalpa doing a little shopping. We are staying at a nice hotel - I think the mission students would be jealous.  We were able to take a nice hot shower! What a treat that is!!

Yesterday we said some sad good byes to our group of students and fellow team leaders. We watched as they boarded the plane and prayed for a safe journey for them as they were  anxious to see their families again. I already miss them and think of all the fun times and teasing all day. What a great group of people!!

Next we went to an orphanage where Frank wanted to check on a little girl named Cynthia who has been ill for quite some time with a heart condition.
They discussed the different options for Cynthia as far as her medical condition is concerned and her personal care.

We also took the orphanage a few supples and visited and played with the children. They loved having their pictures taken, and held on tight as we tried to put them down.  As usual, they long to be held and loved by anyone that will spend some time with them. They were so very cute and adorable.

Later Marny took Sr. Juanita and I to a few places to try to buy some high chairs for the Malnutrition Center in Sulaco. We did not have any luck as one place had only one chair, and another place had only two chairs. Another place was closed.

Today, Monday - we got to sleep in until 7!  We went to a market to buy some groceries for the poor woman we met on our way to Sulaco with the stick house. I want to stop at her house on our way to the Malnutrition Center and take her some groceries. We bought rice, beans, coffee, sugar, flour, and laundry soap. I will be sure to take a picture so we can show all of you. I hope she is around when we stop.

After the market, we went shopping again for high chairs and were lucky enough to find some at the second place we went to. We bought 12 high chairs. We waited for about 1 1/1 hours for them to go to their warehouse to get them, but at least we were able to get some that we were happy with.

On Tuesday, we will buy some groceries for Tacha to use for the second group. We will then go to the airport and meet the group from Springfield. Will be exciting to be the greeter this time!!

It will be exciting to go back to La Florida to see the children on Wednesday again.

Must get to bed as tomorrow will be another very long day and many new people to meet. It will be exciting to see Merica and her group and continue the water project that Gehlen Mission Honduras has worked so hard on.

Peace and Hugs to All,


  1. Hi Vacationers,
    I'm glad you got a little time to rest. I'm looking forward to reading blogs, but let me know if I can help in any way with them. I printed out a photo of our stick lady and her house. Almost all of our photos look great. The photographers did a super job! Good luck on your mission to continue in La Florida.

  2. God Bless you guys!! Jordan sure wishes he could have stayed to helped!! Glad you guys could relax alittle bit theses lasts couple of days. What a awesome thing you did for the stick lady!! She has been in my prayers, and you answered them... THANK YOU GOD!!! Will be praying all goes well these next few days.thanks for the bloging.. love julie sitzmann