2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday, April 8

Hi All,
Unfortunately, the internet is not working in Esquias, so Merica has shared lots with me and I will do my best to give you everything that is going on in Honduras with our newest missioners.

The missioners had a great day. They brought a load of school supplies to the small school in La Florida. They had the sweetest little teacher there, and everyone had a chance to visit with the teacher and the students.

The 107 degree temperature didn't slow our missioners down. They carried bags of sand up the mountainside where the Honduran men are building the water tank of bricks and cement. Everyone was excited to do the work, knowing the difference clean water is going to make in the lives of the people of La Florida. The missioners were awed with the work ethic of Alex & Max. They worked hard at digging trenches today. There just was no 'quit' in them. The adults are extremely proud of all the missioners, but these two young men have been a head above when it comes to working hard.

Mary had a little trouble with dehydration. She got down some gatorade and Francis fixed her up with some rehydration salts in her water. That heat can zap you before you realize it, so I know Francis will make sure she gets fixed up and back to work soon.

On the way up the mountain this morning, Carlos, the bus driver, picked up a man and his young baby. They were glad to help him when they heard he was taking the baby to the doctor.

The missioners took along a couple small bags of ball caps for the workers today. They loved them and immediately began to wear them. It was a blast to see how excited they became over such a simple gift. The girls also took the opportunity to remind everyone to eat just a little less so they could hand out the left-over food to the villagers. The girls enjoyed seeing the pleasure everyone got from sharing food together.

Merica discovered a lot of the children from El Junco were hanging around La Florida. They remembered many of the missioners from last year's trip, especially Merica, and wanted to join this year's missioners in La Florida. Merica admitted she felt just a little guilty when she heard they'd skipped school today to join the missioners, but they did pitch in and dig trenches with the missioners.

Due to the extreme heat, some of the missioners discovered that some of the trees were dripping little bits of moisture and they were enjoying the coolness of it. However, when they discovered that the little bits of water they were exeperiencing was locust pee, they soon cleared out of those areas. Right now the country is full of locusts. They buzz so loud in the late afternoons that it sounds like loud buzz saws all around you. The children like to chase the missioners with the locusts because many of the missioners scream when they see a huge locust in front of their faces or clinging to their arm.

On the return trip to Esquias, the bus became stuck. They figured it must be because of the weight in the back of the bus. So everyone told Kaitlin to move to the front, and sure enough, the bus was able to get out when Kaitlin moved to the front of the bus! I guess even a little person can make a difference.

Once the missioners were back in Esquias, they headed for the little store and purchased some ice cream. It was delicious and a great way to cool off. They also spent a little time in the park with some children.

Coach White: All the soccer girls want you to know they are NOT sore.

Bob Becker had a few problems today. It seems like trouble followed him all around the compound today. The cement bench broke while he was sitting on it. And when he tried to improve the clotheslines after he'd washed his clothes in the pila, that also broke. Bob was afraid to touch anything after that.

Merica sends a big hug to her family at home. All the missioners want everyone to know that they are doing great, loving their mission trip, and making the most of their opportunity.

Please continue to pray for our missioners in Honduras. They will have amazing stories for you upon their return to Missouri.

(Carolyn substitute blogging for Merica today.)


  1. Hi it's me Trace. I miss you so much and I hope you're having fun. Hope you come home soon Trace.

  2. Ty eating less food? You've got to be kidding me. Big Daddy did great in his game last night he got 3 hits and they won 14-4. We broke down and went to Ebbet's after Trace's practice. Jack ate enough cheese pizza for 3!

    Off to Tulsa as soon as the kids get off the bus. Jack is counting the days until you get back. I'm not sure Jack knows where his bed is:-). I think Trace is planning on going with you next year.

  3. SCHS Missioners
    Hello to all of you and God bless you for what you are doing for the people in Honduras!!! We are praying for you and are so proud and inspired by you. I know that your sore backs and calves are miniscule in comparison to what you are gaining in return from their appreciation. I would LOVE to be able to do this someday. Hope everyone is staying healthy (especially Mary and Bob). Kim-- hope you are taking good care of Chuck for me haha- you know I love you too :)