2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Springfield Catholic Team Arrives in Esquias

This is Carolyn Bickford blogging for the Springfield Catholic Mission Team. Obviously, they are unable to get to the internet tonight, so I will do it for them.

The time in Honduras is now 6:12 p.m., which makes it 7:12 p.m. here in Iowa.

The team stopped in the village of El Guante as they drove from Tegucigalpa to their home base of Esquias. It gave them an opportunity to tour the clinic built by Mission Honduras LeMars and local villagers in 2002-2003. They enjoyed looking at the scenery and seeing various birds along the way. It was a nice drive, though bumpy once they got to the gravel road.

The team arrived safely in Esquias at around 4 o'clock U.S. time. Seivert has been in touch with them by phone multiple times. All team members are fine. As soon as the team arrived, they unloaded their bags (all arrived) and got set up in the dorms. They were pleasantly surprised to find such nice accommodations. The girls were really excited when they found a note left by the girls from the Gehlen Catholic Mission Honduras team. The note welcomed them to their mission and told the Springfield girls how much their mission trip has impacted their lives already. It also gave them a list of do's and don't's to help them with their mission experience. It made the Springfield team feel right at home.

Though Tacha had told them supper would be at 5, she rang the bell early. After supper they walked down to the park where they discovered some young boys. It gave them a chance to play a little frisbee with them.

Merica planned to have their 'junta' meeting at 8 to go over the chore list and the tips she has for them. She would like them to retire early and get some rest because it has been a long day. Many of them were up at 3:15 a.m. She wants to make sure they stay healthy by staying hydrated and well-rested.

I hope you find these blogs as helpful as the Gehlen group did. Seivert and I will make sure the blog gets updated if Merica is unable to get to the internet.

Best of luck, Springfield Catholic Mission Team! You are going to have the experience of a lifetime!!

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  1. Glad to hear you, Ty and the rest of the gang made it. Everything is good here at base. Trace won both games last night and we didn't eat out! I went to FedEx and got your IPad case. I assume there is an Ipad hidden in the house:-)