2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, April 12

I cannot believe that this will be my last post from Honduras.  We are so sad to leave, yet so anxious to see our families and friend.  However, that is the only things they have talked about missing.  It is amazing to see a g´roup of teenagers away from ipods, phones, and computers and cars, and they have not missed these things one bit! Our time is spent working hard, and communicating with one another.  It is amazing how much fun you can have without these things.  They are all at the park as I am typing this playing frisbee, soccer,and talking to the local children.  At night we play cards.  Word of advice.....do not play BS with a nun, especially one named Juanita!

WE had a lot of laughs last night which was nice since it had been such an emotional day for the students.  ONe thing they did was fix Megan up and made a mug shot out of her to further tease her for stealing the toilet paper from the malnutrition center.  They made it quite authenic so yes this mug shot will end up in lots of places once we return.

We loaded up for our last day of work this morning.  We dug for about 2 and a half hours, then we gathered with the village for a photo and final goodbyes.  Several key people from the village said some very nice words of thanks to the group, and then I read a speach I had written in Spanish for the Hondurans.  Turns out, we thought we came here to give and to help, but we were the ones to recieve.  To end the ceremony our students stood hand in hand and sang Sanctuary.  The last thing we did was present the village with a huge bag of childrens vitamins.  Unfortunatley we could only give the team a few minutes for quick hugs goodbye then we ushured them on the bus.  As harsh as is may sound, it is the best way.  It is a VERY emotional moment for the team and the Hondurans, and otherwise we would never get anyone to leave.  So....it was a quite ride home, at least for a little while!

Once we got back we had lunch and showers, and then gathered in front of the church for a team picture.  After that  we packed what little we are taking home, and gathered up the rest of our things we are leaving.  We will be up by 5 am tomorrow, and off at 6am for the 3 hour ride to Tegucigalpa. Our flight does not leave until about noon. 

I would like to thank all of you who have supported us.  Wether that be through money, donations, or your prayers, they are much appreciated.  I would also like to thank Richard Seivert for putting this trip together for us and letting us become an extended part of the Gehlen family.  And of course Frank Seivert who put up with us and guided our mission while in Honduras,

Richard, I would like to take a moment to tell you to relax and quit worrying about how to thank Carolyn and I for the bog idea.  I know you are so happy with its success, and it must just be killing you to try to show your gratitude.  We are fine, we know you appreciate us, however I think flowers and some sort of dinner certificate for Carolyn would be nice. 

Good bye Honduras!  We will be back!

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