2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Students had been told last night that they could sleep in until seven thirty this morning. We were on our own for breakfast to give the cooks a morning off. Would you believe that they were pretty much out of bed by six thirty. Parents, you might want to keep that in mind when you have them back home. They can get up quite early.

At eight thirty we headed for the opposite side of Esquias to join the Stations of the Cross procession. That was to begin at nine. As we awaited the nine a.m. start of the Stations, we searched for shade wherever we could find it because it was already quite hot. As we progressed, it got even hotter. Our liters of gatorade were polished off quickly.

The procession proved to be one of the most interesting we have witnessed. The children were dressed in robes and soldier outfits as well as Mary, Veronica, Simon, Pontious Pilate and, of course, Jesus. Jesus was portrayed by a teenager. As Jesus carried his cross, he was whipped, mocked, and had rocks made of tin foil thrown at him. They placed a crown of thorns made from vines upon his head. They had smeared tomato paste,ketchup on him for blood, which looked pretty realistic. When his face was wiped, it revealed Jesus face on it. When he was nailed to the cross, they actually nailed in the nails and then tied his arms to the cross and he grasped the nails. They also had the two robbers who were side by side with him on their crosses. They gave him the sponge with vinegar. When we returned to church, Jesus was wrapped in a burial cloth and placed in the prepared tomb. As well as that performance this is the way the Stations worked.}

Around the village of Esquias various houses decorated a table outdoors with a white cloth, flowers, palms, candles, etc. They placed the Station which usually hangs in the church on that table. The procession begins at one of those homes. There are readings, prayers, songs, and ending prayers. Then we processed to the next house, following Jesus as he carried his cross. As we walked, we sang different songs. Then we would stop at the next Station and do the songs, readings, and prayers for that one. After thirteen Stations we had been participating for three hours. The last Station took place in the church and only took fifteen minutes. They then had the benediction for those who wished to stay. We had to leave. All of that took place in mostly sunlight. As soon as we returned to the compound, I checked the thermometer. It read ninety five in the shade and when I moved it into partial sunlight, it shot to the top of the thermometer, which is 120. With this kind of heat, we are having great difficulty staying hydrated. We had originally planned to play soccer with the local youth this afternoon, but the chaperones quickly nixed that idea. Our bodies needed to stay out of the sun. The soccer field is all sunlight.

Our lunch consisted of tilapia, fried bananas, and melon. This tilapia is gutted, floured, and fried head and all. That makes for some interesting facial expressions when the missioners enter the dining room for their Good Friday meal. The tilapia is delicious if you can handle having that eyeball staring at you. Many rested afterward. Then we filled our gift bags.

Each person received one or two bags to fill for a family from La Florida.Francis Seivert had found the amount of people in each family and listed the boys and girls ages. The bags were filled with shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, school supplies, toys, clothes, sandals, etc. We prepared thirty nine bags to be distributed tomorrow on our final work day in La Florida..It will be an emotional day for all of us. We also have a stack of books in Spanish from our Book Fair that we will present to the school there.

After supper but before our nightly meeting, we are hoping to go to the park for a while. We hope it will allow us to cool off a bit in the little breeze there is.

Here in the compound our water supply has been sporadic. More than once people have been caught in the shower with no water to rinse with. We have never lost electricity though. The toilets do not always flush properly either. So we then carry buckets of water from the pila to pour into them.

Every year our group brings their own clothes, towels, and sheets to use in the compound. We go home much lighter because we go home with only the clothes we are wearing. Everything else is left here to be used where needed. We leave shirts, shoes, our extra hygiene materials, sheets, lotions, etc.We leave flashlights, batteries, towels, you get the idea. We pretty much carry home the souvenirs for ourselves and our families. Most importantly, we all return with a greater appreciation for all that we have been blessed with, and I do not mean just stuff. We all realize how much our faith and families make a difference in our lives. We ALL return better people because of our mission trip to Honduras.


  1. Sounds like such an amazing experience today with the Good Friday services and the Stations of the Cross! Thank you so much for sharing via these much anticipated blogs, it really helps make us feel part of your journey in some way! We are very proud of you all and our prayers continue to be with you! Tell Drew happy birthday and we love all 18 years of him :)

    The Kellen's

  2. What a wonderful experience the stations must have been.
    We continue to pray for the team and for the Honduras people. Praying for the rain they so badly need. It is hard to believe how hot it is there. I'm sure everyone will enjoy the weather back here.
    Tell Cole we miss him and love him very much. We are so proud of him and the team for what they are doing for the Honduraian people.
    Can't wait to see him and the missionary team on Sunday.
    Happy Birthday to everyone that celebrated Birthdays while in Honduras.
    Take Care - and talk to you soon.
    The Heissel Family

  3. Hi from the Langels,
    Thanks for your blogs, it is great being able to follow along. We always look forward to reading your updates.
    Please tell Tera "HHHHeeeelllllllllloooooooooo Tera!!!!!!! We miss you tons!!!! Can't wait to see your face soon!!! We are so proud of you and your whole team!!!"
    Have a safe trip home and Happy Easter to all. See you in Omaha on Sunday night!

  4. What a wonderful experience you had today. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hopefully you will be blest with cooler temps for your final work day. Tell Sara “Hi” and we love her and are very proud of her and entire team. Sounds like you have made memories that will last a lifetime. Can’t wait to see you on Sunday! Love, The Mayers

  5. Another great experiece in the culture of Honduras. Sarah, we are at Grandpa and Grandmas and they are proud of you. I'm showing them the blogs as Andrea had her laptop at home. They have you in their prayers as well. Sending our love, The Jentz's

  6. Sounds like a wonderful experience for the kid in GOOD FRIDAY. Wish it was a little cooler for you there, and would rain. Tell Jordan that we love him and MISS him, cant wait to see everyone on sunday.Our prayers continue to be with all of you. Love, the Sitzmann Family

  7. Hey everyone!
    It sounds like today was an amazing experience with stations of the cross. Everyday I cant wait to read the blogs...to see everything you all are doing to help the people of Honduras. I am so glad that my personal bag actually didnt get sent back cause I packed all that to leave for the people, and hopefully my supply bag will get sent back too. I still want to help in everyway possible from LeMars. I cant wait to see you all on Sunday. =)
    Love, Paige