2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Team In Esquias

Greetings from Gehlen.
It is early Saturday morning and just wanted to update everyone on our mission team in Honduras. But, first let me say that Paige Ellensohn is feeling much better. I spoke with her parents and Paige last evening and she is going to be fine. The doctor was not able to determine what might have precipitated this reaction. This is dissappointing for her but she will get beyond it - I have promised that anytime in the future when possible she can go with one of our teams.
Had a nice long visit with Carolyn after they arrived in Esquias. They had already hauled in all the 46 bags they had and were getting adapted to the compound area. The personal bags for Liam, Pat, and Bruce did not make it - all the rest had their bag. Those three will adjust - we plan just for this scenario. Carolyn said everyone on the team was fine and feeling energized even though it was a long long day. Tacha (our main cook) was preparing dinner for the team as Carolyn and I spoke. Carolyn was also going to the home of the mayor to inquire as to the internet / obviously she either didn't go or there was no access.
As I write it is Saturday morning 6:15 or so (5:15 Honduras time). Frank will be rousting them out of bed and getting them to breakfast at about this time as they prepare for their first work day in La Florida - and the mission is ON. I am so proud of the young people on this team - The Power of Young People.
Will write more as I know more.
R. Seivert

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