2018 Team

2018 Team
2018 Team in the original church built for Suyapa

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In the Trenches

We were up again at 5:30. Breakfast was french toast and papaya. Everyone seemed to have slept well. I have to admit that I get a little joy out of waking those girls at 5:30. You should hear the groans when I announce that the light will be going on momentarily.

Leah seems to be feeling a bit better. I put her in charge of playing with the little girls and taking lots of photos today. She was also in charge of supervising water bottles and sunglasses. It helped her to feel a part of what we are doing.

We did not have to carry bags of cement, sand, or bricks anywhere today. There were some Honduran men that took over the task of hauling bags of cement and sand. I also saw one burro making that trip multiple times. We began digging trenches. Almost everyone had a chance to try their hand at using the pick-ax. That task pretty much fell to the men after a bit. The rest of us helped by shoveling out the trenches when the guys needed to rest for a bit. Cole kept breaking handles on his pick-ax, so we all had a chance to watch the Hondurans make new handles.

I noticed a lot more conversations going on today. The students recognize each other and call each other by name now. There are lots of hugs when we arrive and when we leave.  The villagers are at work on the water tank. I have been told that the water tank will hold five thousand gallons of water and they are making it of brick and concrete. They were also working at the water collection site today. That is harder to explain. They had a cement water-holding tank already. They are building another support with that. Inside that cement holding tank, they have dug deeper to catch the spring water properly, cemented the spots that allowed water to leak out and placed pipes inside it. Rather ingenious, I think. The motor will set atop that.

Some of the village ladies cooked lunch again for us. All of their meals have been delicious. Today we had pieces of chicken, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and tortillas. Then we invited all who wished to join us to mass on the soccer field. Some of the villagers went home to quickly clean up. We had no choice and attended mass in our filthy clothes. Part of the mass was in English, and Sr. Juanita translated the sermon and latter part of the mass. Tony played the guitar and we sang some of the songs Mrs. Klein had assembled for us.

On our return drive we picked up a group of Hondurans who were waiting for a ride to Esquias. They climbed on top of the bus to ride. In one village sister pointed out the white flowers, called Isota I think, that people chop up and put into their eggs for flavoring and iron. Miss Rogers expressed a desire to have some. Carlos, our bus driver, asked a local villager walking by if we could have one and he assented. So one of our friendly hitchhikers climbed the tree and cut it off for us. We will let you know how it tastes.

At this time everyone is taking their showers. An extra person always goes along to the showers with the girls and they coordinate turning on the water. They are very careful to not go over their sixty-second of shower allotment time.  Perhaps we´ll go to the park this evening and then begin preparing the gift bags for the village families.

Tomorrow we will have another work day in La Florida. Once again Angel has told me we will be digging trenches. Today we were extremely fortunate. Though my thermometer has disappeared, we felt the temerature was around the mid-seventies. I am sure it won´t last, but it sure was nice today. We did not need to escape the heat as much while we worked. We had cloud cover most  of the work time and many were hoping for rain, but it never materialized.

It seems many of you are reading the blogs. Please feel free to post comments for us. I will pass them along as I can.

I cannot remember if I reported another item the group voted upon. Julio had mentioned that there is absolutely NO food in Montana de la Flor. He is very worried about it. We also know some Kids Against Hunger food is going to be shipped soon. But we are afraid some may die before it can arrive. Thus the group also voted to purchase some bags of rice, beans, and corn (used for tortillas) to take to the mountain so the people have some food, little as it is, to sustain them until the KAH food arrives. We hope it can make a difference.


  1. Our prayers continue to be with the group - sounds like they are working hard and also enjoying themselves - glad the temp was better today - Take care and God Bless -
    Pat, Cheri & Megan Heissel

  2. Glad to hear that everyone finally got to enjoy digging in the Honduran dirt (rocks??). We're thinking of you as you work on the mission, Dave is feeling like he is missing out. Glad you are using the music I hope it has worked for you. How did Carlos like his map? Looking forward to hearing all the details when you get home. Keep up the good work we will continue to pray for you and the success of the mission.
    Dave & Janet Klein

  3. thank you for keeing us updated. we enjoy reading about each day and seeing the pictures. we are keeping all of you and the people of Honduras in our nightly prayers. the liewers

  4. God Bless all of you!!! Sounds like all is going great. We are praying that it stays cooler there.Tell Jordan to make sure to help father up the hill!!!HA HA It is great to read what is going on from day to day, cant wait to see all of you on Sunday.. Give Jordan my LOVE!! LOVE TO ALL OF YOU FROM THE SITZMANN FAMILY!! LOVE JULIE

  5. we look forward to reading about your day. It sounds like you're working hard. I've given the web site to friends and family. They all enjoy reading about all you do and are amazed at what young people can accomplish. Keep healthy. The Jentz's

  6. It is so neat hearing how well the water project is going...you really have a lot to be proud of!

    Also, so amazing hearing how friendships are being formed not only with each other, but with the people of Honduras as well...something that will never be forgotten!

    Our love and prayers are with you all!

    Pam & Alex

  7. This is the Duffy's from Rapid City. Thank you for sharing your journey with us daily. Each day we can't wait to see what is happening and are deeply touched by the stories. Our school is packing for KAH on Thursday and after reading of the immediate need for food it will be an even more heart filled event. God bless all of you for letting God work through you.We are keeping all of you in our prayers. Give Liam our Love! The Duffys

  8. Hello from the Coopers in Rapid City! So glad that we have the opportunity to read what you all are doing on a daily basis! Continued prayers. God bless all of you.

    Liam - your sister went to bat for KAH today, hitting up parents at registration.

  9. This is the Freidel's from Rapid, thank you so much for keeping us updated with this blog. We have been sharing it with so many students, family and friends and hear often how inspired they all are by your mission- as we are! Please give Katy our LOVE! - and PS tell her Mrs. Weisman stopped me today to see if her hair was ok! LOL
    Love and prayers to you all!!

  10. Thank you for keeping us updated with this blog! I look forward to reading what you guys are doing everyday after school and practice! Kayla, Sarah, Emily, Tony, and Miguel, the whole school is so proud of you guys! You guys are doing amazing things down there! Our friends and I have been checking up on this blog daily. I miss you guys and can't wait for your safe return!
    - Mary Ambrose
    P.S. Happy Belated Birthday Sarah!!

  11. Good thing that you guys are keeping busy in Honduras because it sounds like all of us back here are just reading blogs (ha,ha!!). We too keep up on your daily activities & look forward to the daily updates. Glad to hear that Sam is surviving without her phone, we knew she could do it!!
    May god continue to bless the group with a great experience & maybe even a little rain!!
    Love the Woerdehoff's..